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FBW is under construction  until now and one of the reason is my limited knowledge to blog design.Any suggestions or volunteers to improve the  site is highly appreciated.

Blog Directory is open for link exchange.

Contributors/Writers are most welcome.

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About Filipino Worldwide Bloggers

(FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011 as Filipino Bloggers Around the World. As the name implies, the purpose is to unite all Filipino Bloggers around the world.


  1. This is one great move Ms. Tess :)Could be our group's forum.

  2. I have a suggestion Tess
    ~ questionaire for every member. (personal and cheeky questions parang personality test kung baga. Tapos e-post natin every day FBW. 1 member a day) Maganda yon para ma-get-to-know natin lalo yong mga ka-bloggers natin. Let me know kung okay sa'yo at sa iba. I will prepare some questions.

  3. wow include mine, I will work this out in the morning here

  4. Wow! This is great :) First time to be around here :) Feature bloggers every week. Hehe

  5. It's my first time to visit the FBW website. Something to look forward to again. And I am proud that I am a member. :) Keep it up po!

  6. I didn't know we have something like this. Great idea!

  7. Members here are very active in helping out other bloggers

  8. I agree with you Jenny. Fine with me. To get to know each other is a finest idea.:-).

  9. this is a big endeavors. please let me know if I can help.

  10. This is a good start. I think I can contribute in the near future. But I don't have much knowledge on blog design. =)

  11. great move to have a blog for FBW.wala din ako masyadong alam sa design nag evolve na lang din yung blog sa trial and error, but i'm sure maraming expert na tutulong!!Sali ako sa suggestion ni Jenny!!

  12. nice... the more interactive it can be the better.. plus if you can have mini competitions like post of the week, etc.. or photo of the week

  13. I would suggest this could be a forum shopping of what's in store for us as FBW members. New ideas, FBW features, discoveries are among the topics or blogs to be posted here. Let's start to make this blog keep going.

  14. Maganda to Maam Tess. I got no any idea on how to create a blog design, unfortunately but Im sure may kapatid tau na magaling dito. :)

  15. Suggestion.. A featured blogger, every week! An admin could ask some random questions about the blogger, then ipo-post po dito.

    Another one.. Pwede ring gumawa ng dedicated comment page para maging open for suggestions ang blog. They could state their suggestions by commenting, hindi na kelangang mag-email pa..

    Another one.. Pwedeng dito gumawa ng help and tutorial posts. You could have guest bloggers for that.. Yung knowledgable sa kung anu-ano. Like for example, adding sharing buttons on blog post.. Eh di pag merong magtanong sa FBW group, you could direct them to this blog.

    Ayun.. hehe.. yun lang. XD

  16. maybe, we can hire for blog designer?hehehe

  17. i think ms LEAH is right... newbies like me has a lot more to learn about blogging and knowing each other on a more personal note through open communications like a dedicated comment page or a featured blog or blogger of the day...will give us countless ways to strengthen our weak points and emphasize the good sides as well.

  18. I'm looking forward that FBW has its own forum like other blogging groups as well. ^_^

  19. Why not use rss nalang to redirect all our blog posts here?

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