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We are looking for writers, bloggers to contribute in Filipino Bloggers Worldwide who will write for us for free as guest post. Post is allowed to have 2 links to your blog or website you want to add to the post. The article should be at least 300+ words, must contain at least one relevant image. Your post must be original and never been published before on any sites. The article must not contain affiliate links.

A guest post is a piece of content the author and the blogger arrange to publish on the blogger's site for free. The guest post belongs to the author and is attributed to him. It is up to the author which sites to link to within the post and it is up to the blog owner to accept/reject the contribution. By guest posting you will get exposure for your work, get traffic and back links. 

Write about blogging tips, SEO, Tutorial, Tips and Tricks, Blogger and WordPress themes and widgets or any topic.

If you are interested to write for us, please contact us.
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Contributors / Authors

1. Full Name/Screen Name: Lady Patchy
2. About Me: I am a dentist, a hygienist, a chef,  an RDA, and a student, who loves to cook for my family.
3. Website URL: From My Kitchen to Yours
4. Location: USA

1.Full Name/Screen Name: The Psalmist
2. About Me:
4.Location : Qatar

1.Full Name/Screen Name: Ron Leyba
2. About Me:
3.Website URL: http://ronleyba.com/
4.Location : Philippines

1. Full Name/Screen Name: Marjorie Bulahan
2. About Me: I’m a communications specialist, a capitalist, a writer/editor, a wife and mom to two beautiful girls. Whenever we can, we take the girls on the road to explore cities, provinces and islands in the Philippines. We love to travel and we eat a lot. I share my husband’s passion on bikes and cars. Sunday is our favorite day of the week: we pray, eat out, and drive around the city or sometimes go on a short-distance travel. A part of my social work helps families in need find and connect them to charity organizations that can help. Close to my heart are children with congenital heart defects and developmental challenges; that’s because my niece, Aiyanna died from CHD-Heterotaxy and my first born daughter, Eira Gwendolynne is challenged with Global Developmental Delay. I continue my research on these health issues and share my knowledge with moms who are on the same road. I actively take part in Russell Silver Syndrome (RSS) international discussion group because doctors are considering a diagnosis of this condition for my daughter, so I continue to learn from different RSS health cases that helps me understand and manage my daughter’s health issues from home. These are the things I do most, and a lot more in between.
3. Location: I was born and raised in the peaceful island-province of Tawi-Tawi (Pearl of the South located in the farthest south of the Philippines), educated by the Jesuits in Zamboanga City, and currently built my home and family in Davao City. So every so often, we visit these places we also, call home.
4. Website URL: As part of my entre venture, I recently started playing on Wordpress and publishedwww.dvogarage.wordpress.com that aims at helping local start-up ecommerce businesses with online marketing and advertising, while developing Davao Garage’s own line of brands. Fan page or twitter handle: If you are interested in ecommerce, you can join www.facebook.com/davaogarage, and if you are interested in travel, you can visit www.facebook.com/mypilipinas

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