Sites That Help Build your Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

Creating research-based lesson plans with effective teaching methods and strategies is crucial for delivering high-quality education. To help you with this, there are several websites and resources where you can find valuable information and guidance. Here are some suggestions:

  1. TeachThought ( TeachThought provides a wealth of articles, resources, and tools for educators. They offer insights into pedagogical practices, technology integration, and curriculum development, which can be applied to various content areas.

  2. Edutopia ( Edutopia is a well-known resource for educators. It features research-based articles, videos, and lesson plans that emphasize innovative teaching methods and strategies across different subjects.

  3. National Education Association (NEA) ( The NEA offers resources and articles on effective teaching practices, lesson planning, and professional development for educators.

  4. Teaching Channel ( Teaching Channel provides videos of real classroom teaching, along with lesson plans and instructional strategies for different grade levels and subject areas.

  5. American Educational Research Association (AERA) ( AERA's website is a great resource for accessing academic research in education. You can search for research papers, publications, and insights that can inform your lesson planning.

  6. ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) ( ERIC is a comprehensive database of education research. It contains a vast collection of academic articles, reports, and studies on various topics related to education and teaching methods.

  7. Cult of Pedagogy ( This website offers resources and articles that focus on effective teaching strategies, technology integration, and curriculum design.

  8. Teaching Tolerance ( Teaching Tolerance provides resources and lesson plans aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom.

  9. PBLWorks ( If you're interested in project-based learning, PBLWorks offers a plethora of resources and research-based strategies for implementing this approach in your classroom.

  10. Education Week ( Education Week covers a wide range of topics in education, including best practices in teaching and lesson planning.

Remember that the specific teaching methods and strategies you choose should align with your content area and the needs of your students. Always adapt and modify these resources to suit your unique teaching context and goals. Additionally, staying updated with the latest research in education can help you continually refine your lesson plans and teaching practices.

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