Tito Sotto: On Plagiarism and Cyber Bully

The Philippine politic drama still has a long way to go. Senator Tito Sotto started it all from his RH Bill speech copied from the US Blogger that was found out by one of the well known Filipino Blogger. The news on plagiarism spread Worldwide. He and his camp denied the plagiarism accussations quoting “Why would I quote from a blogger? She is just a blogger.”

But it did not stop from there, the Senator even made it a bigger issue for his own purposes this time. Part of his latest speech is, " Ako yata ang kauna-unahang senador ng Pilipinas na naging biktima ng cyber-bullying. Mula sa blogs, Facebook, at Twitter, ginawa akong sentro ng mga mapanira at malisyosong atake ng iba’t ibang tao, lalo pa ng mga sumusuporta sa RH Bill. Bahagi siguro ito ng kanilang istratehiya, lalo pa’t may milyun-milyon silang pondo. “If you can’t kill the message, kill the messenger.” Mukhang ganito ang ginagawa ng aking mga detractors."

My stand, "No matter what you says Mr. Senator, the issue is, you plagiarized. If you did not do it, then there wouldn’t be any issue." If he and his staff simply apologized by admitting their mistake and moved on, then the issue will not probably spread Worldwide and will just die naturally.

Part of Sarah's blog post, a US blogger where Sotto copied his speech says "A thief is a thief, Mr. Senator. Denying it doesn't get you off the hook; it just makes you a lying thief." On Plagiarism, The Pill, and Presumptuousness http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/

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  1. I hate what he is doing right now. I mean, a simple apologies would do.

  2. He could have just said "Sorry" and keep mum about it. More talks...more mistakes

  3. For him, sorry seems to be the hardest word. Mabuti pa si Lito Lapid.

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