Basic Tips And Tweaks That Can Increase Adsense Earnings

There are lots of tips out there that aim to increase a blog or website owner's Google Adsense earnings. Some of them might be too technical thus preventing you to try it out.

In this article, I will share with you some Adsense tips and tweaks that might shoot up your Adsense earnings. They are quite basic and pretty easy to understand that even a non-technical blogger or website owner can do and follow.

Adsense Ads Placement

Ads placements are critical in terms of getting the most from your Adsense account. Any ads above the fold are ideal to get more clicks from your visitors, but don’t over do it. Make sure that some of your content is visible above the fold and not only your ads. For more of this, check out this guide:

Adsense Ads Color

If you will take a good look at some of the most popular sites that serves Adsense ads, you will notice that there is something common at their ad colors: BLUE. Blue is the most common and the highest converting color in terms of ads. Why? A blue colored text always translates into a link right? When a person or visitor sees a blue colored link, more often than not, they will click into it. So make your ad title BLUE and leave the rest (body and url) in any color that complements your website or blog style and theme.

Filter Low Converting Ads

When I say low converting ads, they are the ones that are not suitable or appropriate for your visitors. They are the ones that are not related to your niche, for example, you have a food blog and Adsense shows an ad about web hosting. Try to filter or block them out and see if this can work for you. You can do it by logging into your Adsense account and heading over to this location: And for more information about filtering and ad blocking, check this link out:

If you will follow my above tips and tweaks, make sure to test and record the changes and its effect. Let the changes you made sit for a week or so and see if your Adsense money will grow.
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  1. Will try filtering ads when I find time. :) Adsense shows ads on my blog that only give .01 earning. Argh. T.T

  2. I've already applied some of the instructions here and I'm starting to monitor right now..

  3. Interesting insight on the color of the ads. I rarely pay attention to that, so thanks for pointing that out! I've changed my text link ads to blue just recently as well.

  4. Thanks for this. I am experementing on adsense and will try all of these.

  5. Thanks for your tips! These are very useful!

  6. will try filtering nga, thanks for the tip!

  7. I'm just a newbie blogger about Filipino Soldier's Life. I'm not really informed about these online earnings thru adsense. Can I still apply for adsense even though I'm using the free wordpress account? Do I have to buy my own domain and web hosting? What are the requirements? Thanks! :-)

  8. I still haven't done the filtering thingy. But I already tried experimenting on ads placement. So far, so good. :)

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