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Featured Blog #18. I am so proud to present to you the FBW's featured blog. At last, Papaleng and his Amazing Animals, agreed to be featured here.

Blog Name: Amazing Animals

Niche: General

Blog Description: Some surprising, amazing and interesting animal facts!

About the blogger: Just a funny man who simply loves poetry and Nature.

How did he get into blogging? 

I started as an article writer in some paid writing sites. A dear Triond friend suggested that I create a blog and post my published articles there. It's just like 'hitting 2 birds with a single stone' -- a published post earns both from Triond and my blog.

What do you think is your biggest struggle as a blogger?

 I know little about the so-called SEO things.

What is the inspiration behind her blog and how long has it been around?

 It was May 23, 2011 when I posted my first My first Amazing Animal article. Inspiration? I see God's greatness by simply watching those animals. Every single breed is so unique eh.

What is his favorite blog post and why? 

Endangered Species of Butterflies. It is the first article that got a 5-Star rating at Stumble. Also, the first viral article I have. As of this writing , it still gets decent traffic and was viewed by more than 100,000 internet users.

Where do you see your blog(s) years from now? 

That, I can't tell, but the sure thing is, my articles caters to students and education is forever.

How does blogging help you financially and career wise? 

Not that much in the financial aspect, since foremost I write for passion lang. Career? Perhaps pogi points on my writing portfolio. Also, I am a certified online celebrity na. Just kidding.

Advice/tip you can give to new bloggers to succeed in blogging.
  • Write on things you know much.
  • Write quality and original posts. No spin articles. 
  • Always set writing goals. Be it a post a month or 20 posts a day. It doesn't matter.
  • If you are writing for 'bucks sake', be diligent enough promoting your stuffs. Join social forums and be an active members.
  • Always ... give a helping hand to your fellow writers and bloggers.
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  1. Papaleng! You got me at "pogi points". Haha! For me, Amazing Animals is a go-to site of students who are researching for their Biology/Science class. And I think if what you do gives back to the community, then everything you do is worth doing. Way to go, sir! ;)

  2. wow such an inspiring exchange of thoughts.... thanks for the share... my enthusiasm to recontinue blogging is much more fervent now...

  3. Papaleng always writes fun things I love to read. :) I also wrote on Triond and started blogging from there.

  4. I like his blog so much that I have learned so many interesting facts about different animals.

    I hope I will be featured here.. (Asa na naman! haha!)

  5. wow natawa nmn ako sa sagot ni sir sa huli my pogi points at celerbity pa! Way to go sir! Also I love this blog too! I am no longer studying but reading this blog and others too gives me so much knowledge everyday! xx

  6. It's Papaleng's turn. He's very helpful especially sa stumbleupon.

  7. this kind of blog deserve to be spread out. .alam naman natin sa panahon ngayon, marami ang mga hayop na naaaboso. .specially those endangered species. . .this is one way of telling people that we are all responsible to each and every living creature in this beautiful planet called earth. ..

  8. Ang galeng ni Papaleng. Ako din personally, know very little about SEO and it's always great to hear someone who's had great success, share an advice or two to fellow bloggers. Keep it up Papaleng!

  9. Papalengs - amazing-animals is one of the blog that I think have informative contents.

  10. Papaleng, you're truly amazing!
    I read this article by heart and I like how you (Papaleng) answered the interview-like questions. Yeah that post about butterflies is epic!
    Love the tips especially the first two.

  11. I like reading those blog posts because I get to learn new things about animals that I have yet to hear of or know little about.

  12. Papaleng's wisdom and depth shows in the very simplicity of his answers. I like his blog because of the wealth of information it offers.

  13. Congrats Papaleng! Tumpak, Isa ka nang online celebrity hehehe :) Keep on posting and sharing amazing posts :)

  14. Amazingly Papaleng! Congrats and well done. Your posts are even more interesting now.

  15. I have been following this amazing animals blog in a a regular FBW syndication. I love seeing those animals... I now of them are endangered ones. Keep up the good job!

  16. Congratulations to papaleng! He deserves this spot :) Gusto ko rin yung mga blogs niya!

  17. Congrats Papaleng.. I always enjoy reading your list of amazing animals, and always learn something new!

  18. Can I have an autograph with you? certified online celebrity lol.. Congrats sir

  19. Great to know! Inspires me to really do well in blogging. :)

  20. Wow, thank you for the tips Papeleng! Definitely you are a celebrity and I am a fan! :) I love your Amazing Animals Blog! :) keep writing and inspiring many of us! you have oozing "pogi" points!:)

  21. Thanks guys for all your inspiring comments. Yes, online celebrity na ako. :)

  22. Interesting!!
    Just like him, I blog just because I like, not for anything else.
    Getting paid for it then becomes a bonus..
    Its already an accomplishment to have a viral post,
    it something that wont happen everyday,
    and I have to agree that education is forever.

  23. I love this blog,always find something new here.

  24. Met Papaleng on Triond and he was very helpful. Has always been. His blog is very much like him: alive and bubbly and full of information to share. Congrats, Papaleng. Oo nga, online celebrity ka na. Would love to see you on TV.

  25. I love the "Amazing Animals" blog. Way to go Sir Papaleng! Stay awesome! :)

  26. I am always awed by the information he shares on his blog. It's really well researched.

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