SEO Tips and Myths


1. URL

To make your blog post URL seo-friendly, use dash/hypen ( - ) instead of underscores ( _ ).- Remove or hide page extensions (e.g. .php, .html, etc.)- Make your URL short (must be not too long) and keyword rich.  

Reason why we should eliminate the extension name in our URL (e.g. php, .html)

It is actually more of a user friendly approach rather than for SEO view but this has been one of the best practices when it comes to creating URL. Do not change your URLs unless you know how to check 404s and create 301s. But you can do this to your future posts. May I also add that when I say 'keyword rich' it only means to use your keywords on the URL. But do not use same keywords repeatedly as this would look spammy. About 2-4 words is enough. Although you must be able to say what your content is all about in this 4 words. (Florence Belnas Tejadilla)

2. Google Analytics and Webmasters

It's important that all visit stats of your website is visible to you. Set it up as soon as your website is up and running.
- measures your SEO and marketing efforts
- helps discover new keywords- discovers 404s- helps improve web page quality
- determine traffic source, content sources, bounce rate, keywords, etc.
- a lot more.

 Check out videos on youtube on how to setup analytics and webmasters for your website/blog cms.

SEO Myth

You can rank a website #1 in Google overnight with SEO

This is wrong. It's even impossible to rank a website #1 in Google in a month or 2. (unless of course you're promoting a website with a keyword that no one else is talking about, which is sort of impossible). SEO takes months to even years to reach the first page of Google. The actual range depends on the keywords you're aiming to rank for, it's competitiveness, and marketability. (Florence Belnas Tejadilla)

The idea that you CAN'T rank a WEBPAGE (Note: In SERPS, webpages are displayed because rankings are designated to specific webpages and NOT to a website) overnight or in a month or two is a MYTH. Just because you have not done it (in several methods that you know), does not necessarily mean that it's impossible. A single fact remains about SEO - SEO is very dynamic. For this very reason, an effective SEO method for a certain website could possibly be a MYTHICAL and ineffective method for your website. SEO "truths" come and go. Sometimes, these truths become myths overtime. Facts are oftentimes judged as false but the truth remains that SEO is still there and so much alive, that many websites are still depending on it. (Clarence Ruelos)

 I have lots of pages that ranked on page 1 in less than a month, some of them even reaches top 1. How do I know? I used the real-time feature of Google Analytics. I can study there what my audiences have been reading 'RIGHT NOW' and what keywords they put on the search engine. I adapt and use those keywords in my future blog posts. (Albert Israel)

 Well, definitely not overnight but in a month, it's possible. It's a matter of religiously submitting and spreading your anchor text/url in various submission/directories/web 2.0s etc. (Eihdra Gatchalian)
The main idea when it comes to content is to write for your audience and not for search engines, then natural high quality back links comes next.

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