Thank you Anderson Cooper For The Haiyan Coverage In The Philippines

Anderson Cooper  was in Tacloban during typhoon Haiyan doing this job as a reporter without realizing that he saved thousands of people. The news that he delivered caught attention to the whole world . He was like asking the Philippines government to move their lazy butt  to help the survivors. If not for Mr Cooper the foreign media and the world would never know what the real account of the "Yolanda" devastation is. Because of  his coverage, help came in from all over the world. The government of the Philippines seems so quiet after the typhoon, those corrupt politicians where nowhere to be found. They just disappeared, left the country into agony.

Mr. Cooper saw people who were trying to fight for  their life to lives. He served as an eye opener to our government. The whole world learned that the Filipinos cannot  rely on the Philippine government in crisis like this. With the devastation's going on, some corrupt politicians even bother to  put their names on the relief goods. 

From the start of the lashing of Yolanda, Anderson is out in the danger zones,  but was criticized by Korina Sanchez by saying  that he is not a credible journalist. If not for his  honest and matter of fact reporting those people affected by typhoon Yolanda will still be hungry now if they will just depend on our corrupt government.

Damaged has been done, the Philippines government face a lot of embarrassment to the whole world for being useless in times like this. Hope it serves as a wake up call, corruption is rampant in the Philippines. Please do not vote for the traditional politicians, actors or any candidate for the entertainment world. 
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