Binay Convoy You Tube: There Lies An Arrogant Public Official

After watching the video where Mayor Binays convoy was not allowed to exit through one of its gates on November 30, all I can say is a complete abuse of authority.  Mayor of Makati, Binay Jr. is a disgusting and arrogant  public official. All should be smart not to vote these traditional politicians, the Binay dynasty  to office again. They are punishing people for doing their jobs. Dasmarinas Village has their own rule being followed by high-profile residents. The village is also home to prominent government officials, many embassies, and other known celebrities.

Seems like Mayor Binay, loves to point his dirty fingers at others. Is that what you call power tripping?

The guards who are just doing their jobs were treated with disrespect.

Why do you need guns for? 

 Look at Mayor's body guards pulling out their heavy guns. Do you really need an armalite to those village  guards who are just doing their job and obviously not going to fight and whose firearms were already got  confiscated.

Nancy Binay  has her gun too, ready to fire.

Here is the video and it is up to you to take your side of  a story.

Like Father Binay Like Son Binay. Here is the dad,Vice president Binay, who beat the traffic light. Beating the red light and turn left on a "no left turn road."

 Mayor, so what did you accomplish after all? That they should know your face and kiss your ass. You did not expect that there is a video somewhere who will speak for the truth. Now, run along and hide under your fathers table.
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  1. Ano kaya ang gagawin nilang damage control gimmick? Next time, huwag na nating iboto basta BINAY.

  2. Wow, nung una, tamang balita lang sa akin. Ngayon, matindi nga pala talaga ang encounter. Exciting nga ang magiging next gimmick.. kaabang-abang.

  3. You voted for them. If you asked for a dog, dont expect a sheep Now you know what kind of persons the Binays are

  4. And you have guys have this guy running your country !!! What is it with all Filipino gov officials ? Every single one I have ever met has delusions of grandeur !!

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