Top Reasons Why Freelancers Need Insurance

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In many ways, being a freelancer is better than working as a nine-to-five desk employee. Aside from the freedom and flexibility freelancing offers, you also get to enjoy less financial obligations. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab yourself a good insurance package. Doing so will leave you better prepared to deal with any unexpected calamities that come your way. But in case you’re still unconvinced, then allow the following reasons to compel you.

To Have Your Equipment Replaced

One of the many perks of being a policyholder is that you have access to financial assistance in case your equipment gets broken or stolen. A freelancer’s tool of trade (be it a laptop or a camera) is vital for their livelihood, and they unfortunately don’t come in cheap. Through insurance policy, you can easily have your equipment protected.

To Shield You From Client Claims

Before starting on a project, you need to have your clients agree to the terms and conditions you set in the contract. And while most of the time this goes off without a hitch, there are situations where things go awry and you’re left with a client demanding refunds and other forms of restitutions. By getting yourself insured, you’ll be able to meet such expenses and more.

To Cover Yourself in Tough Times

Freelancing does come with a few downsides, one of which is that you’ll have no job security. Freelancers have to constantly look for clients in order to have a steady stream of work and income. You can practically go from having a six-digit salary in one month to being virtually jobless the next. Having insurance will help you get through such challenging periods, giving you security and peace of mind until your next client arrives.

To Make a Smart Investment

Freelancers shy away from insurance programs, deeming them burdensome and unnecessary payments. But believe it or not, an insurance can make a really smart investment. Aside from helping you save and grow money in the long run, insurances can also help you enjoy some of the best things in life (e.g. travel perks, home and auto discounts, etc.). Plus, there are many insurance products out there that come with extremely affordable rates.

To Financially Secure Your Loved Ones

Most importantly, carrying an insurance policy enables you to secure your family’s financial future in the event of a debilitating illness or death. For example, a good car insurance product, especially if obtained in person, can help protect your spouse, kids, and vehicles from accidents. Some insurance could also help finance your kids’ education, allowing them to have a better life.

Get Insured

As you can see, getting good insurance is one of the best financial decisions you could make as a freelancer. So if you still haven’t gotten yourself covered yet, now’s the time to start browsing for insurance premiums.

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