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Featured Blog #17  Tristan is the owner of TRIZZONE, his  portfolio website and blog. He also works at oDesk and at Elance. Feel free to contact him to promote your online and social media presence, WordPress management, making creative presentations, managing tools and programs you use for your business. He never fails to amaze us with his willingness to help everyone without second thought or hesitation.

Blog Name: TristanKhalil.com
Category/Niche: freelancing, social media, SEO
Blog Description: Your Virtual Assistant and SEO Professional for Hire! TristanKhalil.com is also a blog about the latest updates on the digital world... from social media, Facebook, hippest gadgets, awesome photos, cool websites and more!

About the blogger.

I am an online freelancer who loves to share in my blog, anything that is related to freelancing, work at home, social media and SEO. I am also an avid online gamer, anime and manga lover, and an amateur photographer.

What’s the inspiration behind your blog and how long has it been around? 

I started blogging way back when there's still Friendster.com just as a hobby. Then later on, I decided to blog more for the sake of sharing what I've read from the forums and other blogs, and I blog just about anything. It was just last year, when I started freelancing that I found my dedication. From all that I learned in my online social media course, to the interactions I had with other freelancers, bloggers, social media managers and seo professionals. Then a friend helped me get a domain and hosting, and so, TristanKhalil.com was re-created.

How did you get into blogging? 

Like I said in the previous question above, I started blogging during the Friendster.com era. Sharing my school experiences, facts found in the forum and just about anything that I can think of. It was just last year that I really focused on a niche.

What is your favorite blog post and why?

I can say that my favorite blog post is the one I blog about MORCON 2011. It's because it was the very first conference I joined that I met my virtual friends, mentors, as well as new faces from the SEO, Social Media and Blogging communities. You can read about the said conference here: http://tristankhalil.com/2011/11/roundups-on-mastering-online-ranking-conference-morcon-2011/
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  1. Thank you FBW Family, for featuring my blog here! I am so grateful!

  2. I admire people like him. hahaha he serves an inspiration especially for teenagers these days and as well, for those work at home personnel. How I wish I could be like him too. :)

  3. Good job Tris, you deserve it bro.Cheers!

  4. Aww...that's really neat. Keep up the good work Tristan.

  5. cool :D i remember i once had a friendster account too. theres a lot of great opportunities for blogger we just have to find it ourselves.

  6. @Momee Gee: You can be an online freelancer too. There are so many ways to get started. It's never too late. Thanks for the kind words. :)

    @Bennix: Thanks too Bro! Cheers to all of us!

    @Marms: Thank you. I am a bit of minimalist when it comes to my website because I don't like clutters. hahaha

    @Jheylo: Yes, Friendster was part of my stepping stone in blogging. Too bad it was overturned by Facebook.

  7. I also had a friendster account then but did not really blog til four years ago.

  8. oh, I remember having a blog in friendster too...been blogging since 2007

  9. how nice of you to featured this blog!

  10. Whoa! I never tried blogging with my friendster account. Hehe!

  11. wow congrats sir! you deserve it

  12. Wow, I am inspired about stories like that-- people who started something as a hobby then eventually many people benefited from their blogs, not to mention that it could be a stable source of income, too.

  13. That sounds amazing! Keep up the good work. I heard my cousin told me about odesk and she said she applied for it. I am not sure if she ever got it, but sounds like it is something she can do though.

  14. Very inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing. I remember those days with friendster.

  15. I also started blogging from Friendster -- just a means of sharing how my day went. :)

    Keep up the good work!

  16. Congrats to Tristan. Same here, i started blogging during the Friendster era. I think many have started blogging during those days. I'll sure be visiting his blog for inspiration and education.

  17. Sometimes we just have to have some outlet for our ideas and knowledge. And eventually share these knowledge for the benefit of others.

  18. I think Tristan is one of the more helpful bloggers around who's always willing to lend a helping hand or give tips to other bloggers. Great for him to be featured here.

  19. Congrats Tristan I am happy for you. Great job man!

  20. Congratulations on being featured, Tristan! I salute hard working and skilled online workers like you. Your blog has a lot to offer to fellow freelancers especially those who are just starting out.

  21. Bloggers who are more than willing to share their time, knowledge, and expertise to others (like me) who tend to get lost in the digital world deserves to be featured here.

  22. Congrats bro, walang duda pang featured blog nga.. d best.. :)

  23. Hi Tristan, I'd like to network with you one time :) We've got pretty much the same interests.

  24. Friendster is where I started blogging too. :) I'm blogging for 3 years but still I'm lost with SEO.

  25. I've commented on this post already. Just want to congratulate Tristan for being successful on his field f interest.

  26. I also started blogging in friendster!!! LOL!

  27. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Glad to know marami nakarelate sa Friendster Blogging hehehe.

    I hope you can join the FBW 1st Grand Eyeball so that I can meet you all. :)

  28. Kudos Tristan! Great to see you in here!

  29. FBW heaven-sent! Keep it up Tristan! I am sure bloggers will love you esp during the eye-ball event!

  30. I know tristan for a long time and so great to se you here man!

  31. ako during friendster era din..ka ek-ekankolang sa buhay yun..yomustbe reallt very good VA kasi nasa Odeskka din eh..

  32. Wow... Congrats and I agree that this blogger deserves a featured post. Tristan is a good friend of mine and I assure you that his passion in blogging is undeniably good. I recommend to visit his blog, and you'll see what I mean.

  33. Congratz sir Tristan. I'm sure you'll be having fore followers in the future.

  34. I like Tristan's site. It's imperative for freelancers to create an independent portfolio like his site so they can really stand out from the competition and get their targeted jobs.

  35. was he really do not ask for payment? gonna catch him online. .

  36. I tried to visit Tristan's blog but it's not available now. How sad :'(

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