Presenting the Nominees for the Top 20 FBW Travel Blogs

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Three months ago, we were asked to Nominate Your Top 20 FBW Travel Blogs. A total of 44 blogs were nominated excluding those who are not Filipino Bloggers Worldwide members but only the top 20 will be included on the list.

To determine the travel bloggers worth following in 2013, I’m putting it to a vote to rank the TOP 10. The winners will be the "Top 10 FBW Travel Blogs of 2012".

Here are the 20  nominees, not in the order of  votes received:

1. The Geek Travels/Renz Bulseco =
2. Budget Byahera/ Mai Florez =
3. Franc Ramon  =
4. Traveling Morion/ Jeffrey Rilles =
5. Love Conquers All/ Cris /Pinay Thrillseeker  =
6. Edmaration/ Edmar Guquib =
7. The Chronicles of Love Mindanao/ Dennis Dolojan =
8. Vivi's Random Ramblings/ Violy Vallester  =
9. The Transcendental Tourist/ AJ  Poliquit  =
10. Phils =
11. My Comings and Goings/ Mhe-anne  =
12. Pala-Lagaw/ Francis Nunez Balgos =
13. Journeys and Travels/Dr. Wends Cagape  =
14. Pinay Travel Junkie/Gay Mitra-Emami =
15. Nomadic Experiences/Marky Ramone Go =
16. Journey ni Ikoy/Ricky Bernardino =
17. South Cotabato/ Nanardx
18. Juanderful Pinoy/Juan DerfulPinoy =
19. The Adventures of AdventuRoj!/ Roj Braga =
20. PonderingPaodaolei/ Paula O =

The top 10 travel blog will be announced on FBW Bloggers Night, December 7,  2012.
Last day of voting is on December 1, 2012.
Voting is on the right side. Please tick maximum of 3 entries then hit the "Submit Vote". Thank you.

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  1. Ok will vote later or the next day.. I need to visit those nominees :D

  2. SO happy to be included in the list of nominees and thanks to FBW for all the support.

  3. Wow.. didn't expect to be included in the list.. being in the top 20 is already a blessing. Thank you po :))

  4. wow thanks for including Traveling Morion:) just got my own domain now- from it's now thanks FBW and Mami Tess!

  5. Very difficult to choose just 3 as there are so many good blogs among these nominees. Good luck to all!

  6. congratulations to all the bloggers specially syempre kay VV hehehe

  7. Good luck with those who are nominated. :D
    I already knew some of the nominated..will visit the others later. :D

  8. Hi mam how can i vote? Thanks...

  9. Yey thanks everyone for including my blog! Feel so guilty though that I have not blogged for quite a while due to some personal issues, but I will certainly be back soon! Thanks everyone for your overwelming support. ;)

  10. Great list! I can vouch for many of those bloggers up there; some are really good photographers and writers!

  11. I am not aware of this. Being in the top 20 is already a milestone for me! I mean look at the list above! Some are really pioneers in the travel-blogging world ^_^.

    Thanks to those who voted for me and congrats to all those on this list. :-)

  12. Done voting for my favorite nominees! :)

  13. This is great! We have really great travel bloggers in FBW and therefore give them the recognition they deserve!

  14. Perhaps next time, makasali na ang blog ko. Voted na po .

  15. Done voting.. good luck to all to all of you :D

  16. I see one great list up there and by just looking at them, it is already tough to choose who to vote. A lot of them are doing great jobs in the niche.

  17. Thanks for including me on the list :) Being a nominee is an honor in itself :)

  18. this is such a surprise to be included in the Top 20 nominees! I didn't know there was such a search and grateful my blog made it there along with many travel blog icons.Feeling guilty though coz I have been on travel blogging hiatus (coz busy with business travels leaving me no time to write) and have not participated much on the FBW thread syndication exchanges for the same reason.I have just voted.It's difficult to choose my 3! Goodluck to all!!

  19. Still contemplating as all of them are really great. ^_^

  20. GMF! Yung tatlong binoto ko mukhang hindi mananalo ah. Lamang na lamang si mindanao. Sa bagay maganda talaga rin ang mga blog post nya.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.
  22. Congrats to all the nominees! Keep up the good work. You all deserve it.

  23. paano nangyari ito? andami pang magagaling na writers ng blog na wala sa listahan? ano ang naging pamantayan nito?

  24. Congrats sa mga malulupet na nominadong travel bloggers ng Pinas! =)

  25. @Mars Mercado,here is the link for you to check out how did it happen.i f you will read the post and this post you will be enlightened.. thank you for the comment.

  26. @ Mars..

  27. thumbs up for PonderingPaodaolei =)

  28. Sayang, di kami nakasali sa nominees! Hahahaha. Pero nagvote na ako! Yehey! Vote na ang hindi pa!

  29. go paula o! =d>

  30. I salute you, deserved to nominate

  31. most of the links of the nominees' sites are not working. maybe syntax error. would love to see their travel adventures. ty

  32. Oh my! Thanks frm those who voted for me. B-)

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