Guide to Blogging and Online Business

The Epic Book: Linky Blog Guide to Blogging and Online Business
by Brent Riggs

If you are a blogger and looking for a good book to read, then this one is for you. I got a free ecopy  of Brent Riggs new book: The Epic Book Guide to Blogging and Online Business. I am not done reading all the chapters yet but I absolutely love this book.  Brent tackled every single aspect  of online business with precise explanation. 

"The EPIC Book is over 400 pages packed with information, experience, knowledge, tips, advice, lessons learned, and practical instruction. Not 400 pages of big fonts, wide margins, and huge graphics that eat up a lot space so a big page count can be advertised. The EPIC Book has over 135,000 words, dwarfing typical good eBooks that usually average 20,000 – 30,000 words. Nor it is just a bunch of filler content and stuff you won’t read so I can advertise a high word count.

Every page in this book is useful and relevant, the very best of what I have learned and experienced in the last 15+ years of being online. I was blessed to begin online way back before the general public even knew what “the information superhighway” was, before we all truly grasped what the Internet would become. What you will find in this book is the experience of a long, long time online and countless rounds of trial and error, testing, learning, starts and stops, and a relentless passion to learn everything I can learn about all things blogging, internet marketing, and online business."

Here is what you willl get in  the book: Must-Have Resources, Tools, & Software, Over 100 Killer Blogging Tips, 65 Great Headlines to Get You Started, Over 110 Brilliant Blog-Writing Ideas, 80+ Online Business Tips, Digital Photography 101, A Visual Guide to Online Business, Genesis Week - First 7 Days Of Your Online Business, Over 60 Profitable Online Business Ideas, Over 50 Ways To Make Money Online, Writing, Designing, Publishing, Marketing & Automating A World-Class eBook , Mistakes To Avoid – Lessons Learned From My First Dozen eBooks , Checklist: 30 Things You Can Do To Improve, An Interview With An Online Expert, A Library of Useful Articles, And more, more, more!?

The book is for sale on Brent Riggs blog –

Now for another exciting news and  with his permission,  I am giving away 5 ecopies to my friends and followers. Enter the giveaway below to win an ecopy. Open Worldwide, 18+. Goodluck!

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  1. I have been considering starting my own blog and would LOVE to have a tool that would prove useful in each step of this process.

  2. I have been thinking ALOT about starting my own blog, but not real sure where to start. It's wonderful that someone actually put it all together in one place!!

  3. Thanks for the book review. I am actually looking for a book that would help me handle my blog.:)

  4. This is a must have book to bloggers. Good thing it has an ebook version, I can read it on the go.

  5. I would like to read that book, there are so many things that I still have to learn about blogging. I watched the video on the side of your blog, so funny.

  6. I think this book is a good investment for us who really want to take this passion into career. I would love to read it, however having a crazy full time job and as a wife I have so much to do on a little time :(

  7. I would love to have a tool to become a better blogger.

  8. Sounds like a great book to read and earn some things on how to earn some money online. That would be wonderful! Thanks for sharing this one.

  9. Entered. Wow! this book must be a golden book for us bloggers :) i'm sure all the information that we need to know is in that book from how to start blogging to how to generate income from our websites.

  10. this is a good chance for those who want to making money online seriously.. the book will surely be a big help

  11. its a good opportunity to seek for a new things to do like blogging and online business. i hope i have a chance to win this book! this will be my tool and guide to start from blogging

  12. its a good opportunity to seek for a new things to do like blogging and online business. i hope i have a chance to win this book! this will be my tool and guide to start from blogging

  13. This is nice book to own would help business boost!

  14. I think this book is perfect for us bloggers who want to earn money online. This could very helpful and good investment as well.

  15. That must be a good read and a book that I need to read to become more a more effective blogger :-) Thanks for sharing.

  16. I would like to have that book. This is my chance to have a progress when it comes to blogging specially that I am a newbie.

  17. this is a must book for those newbie bloggers and planning to get into business selling goods in the internet.

  18. there's always something more to learn and this book looks like its packed with info

  19. I don't remember of joining, however i still want to join

  20. Yay! Thanks a lot of this ;) will be really useful since am a newbie :)

  21. I've been blogging before, but it was just for the reason of venting out my frustrations. I never even really cared if I have a reader or none, as long as I write. But now I'm really hungry for traffic (and attention? hahaha). I'd love to see what's inside the book, i know it can help me become a better blogger.

  22. This would be nice to read!

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