Why Checking Backlinks Is Important Plus Backlink Checkers You Can Use For Free

If you are a blogger who is serious about making your blog bigger and better (in terms of ranking, authority and of course, earning), then it's a must for you to check it's backlink from time to time. Why? Here are few reasons.

To weed out bad links. If you are trying to rank for the keywords you are targeting at Google search engine, backlink checking is a must. By this, you can check and see if there are negative links that (links coming from porn, adult, casino or gambling site) points to your site. If some are found, you can then request the owner of the site to remove it or better yet, make Google discount it (via Google disavow tool found at Google webmasters account).

To see what kind of links your competitors are having. At SEO point of view, checking links that your competitors are having, especially if they are ranking highly than you, can give you an idea or two on what to get for your blog or website to reach the rank you are targeting. Some calls this one competitive intelligence. This is one of the biggest reason why backlink checker tools around are being offer with a hefty price tag.

There are still lots of things to be said why backlink checking is important. But the above reasons can surely make you wanted to check few blogs and their backlinks right now. So without further ado, here are two awesome backlink checkers that you can freely use.

Open Site Explorer by SEOMoz.Org

For me, this one is the best among the free link checkers online. It has a paid option but the free one can kick start your backlink checking campaign in a good way.


For a free tool, ahrefs is surely one of the biggest winners. Why? It gives you great link reports with different kind of details. Aside from the numbers, it also offers reports in graphical presentation which is nice and cool.
Test the tools out and let me know how they helped you and your blog.
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  1. This is really important, I heard this from friends who knows about SEO. Especially for me who's just new and needs more ways to promote my website... thanks for sharing

  2. wow i dont really know this things haha It never came to my mind that i really need to do this in order to make my blog and me both happy. Must read more about this! xx

  3. To be honest, I know little about this backlinks stuff. ang alam ko lang magsulat. LOL

  4. My initial reason for blogging was to simply share my thoughts and just do things as is. I never knew what backlinks were until today. I mean, I've heard about SEOmoz back then. But I might try their 30-day trial real soon.

  5. This is useful because back links are important to the success of any website.

  6. Backlinks generate hits and this is really helpful in the ranking systems.

  7. The truth is, I don't really check back links in my sites and I don't have any idea about keywords yet. This is the best time to give it a serious look because I just owned two blog sites now. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  8. Backlinks helps blogger so much in terms of ranking system. Heard so much about this because of my cousin who work as an SEO.

  9. I'm really not conscious about backlinks but if I really want to get serious in my blogging, I should know a bit about these.

  10. Will definitely check this out, I bet it will help me understand more about backlinks.

  11. How does backlinks generate hits? Can you please share more information like how to improve or increase your backlinks? Thanks! :)

  12. SEOMoz din gamit ko mami Tess. Thanks for sharing this- very helpful

  13. Seomoz is probably your best bet for link building and checking links. The tips on that site are very useful too and it's free. Can't go wrong with that.

  14. It's where you get the backlinks that is most important. The more relevant the links are the more power you have with rankings and authority. Keep up the good work and thanks for the post.

  15. I didn't know that this is important! Looks like I need to get myself acquainted with these things.

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