Cynthia Villar Vs Filipino Nurses

Cynthia Villar's answer to question about the Filipino nurses is now a record holder for accumulating millions of haters in just a minute. She is in real trouble and might affect her Senatorial candidacy big time. She irked a lot of Nurses for "generalizing them as a room nurse (caregiver)" on a debate question with only 30 seconds time limit which is  “too short’” for her to explain further on the issue.

Mrs Villar's answer just showed that she has limited knowledge about the nurses working  or migrated to other countries  primarily as nurses and not just a "room nurse". Her carelessness in front of many viewers was offensive and insulting to the nurses who spent a lot of money and time studying, spending sleepless nights for 5 years just to earn a degree for a better life.

Her controversial answer to a panelist’s question (Pagsubok/GMA News).

“Actually, hindi naman kailangan ang nurse ay matapos ng BSN kasi itong ating mga nurses, gusto lang nila maging ‘Room Nurse.’ Sa America or sa other countries, ano lang sila, ‘yong parang mang-aalaga. Hindi naman sila kailangan ganoon kagaling kasi sa ibang country.....”

Cynthia Villar insisted on twitter that she holds “the nursing profession in high regard.”

What do you think of Cynthia Villar’s statement about the Filipino nurses?

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  1. If she did it on purpose to spark a controversy for attention, then she did it well. The challenge is how to turn the tide in favor for her votes.

  2. What exactly is a "room Nurse"?!

  3. What a worse way to describe Pinay nurses, it's a shame. I am sure that she is regretting every word she said!

  4. I never hear a 'room nurse' before;. what exactly a room nurse is? Can someone explain, please!

  5. I don't know how she graduated UP. Maybe nakatungtong lang siya ng ilang taon. She doesn't even know what RN stands for. Maybe hindi siya kagalingan at palagpak lagpak lang sa school at pasang awa palagi. Kaya ayan kung hindi kagalingan at ilang taon lang sa mataas na paaaralan mahinang klase ang kalalabasan.

  6. I don't think this statement is holding Filipino nurses with high regard. This is just plain insult to the profession and dedication of such people.

  7. How could she make an opinion without thinking if its sensible or not. She just probably think whatever comes in her mouth and not using her noodle. She has to make another statement to correct this misconception, if she thought that she was just being in a rush and got nervous? Really? She's running for a senate, and she should have a peace of mind and confidence when answering questions in seconds.

  8. Being a room nurse is not something that other people need to look down too. Before they can apply to be caregiver, she also needed to be a nursing board passers. Lucky those who can get hired as a "nurse" at some hospitals. If you passed the nursing board, meaning, you deserved to be one.

    Liza Barnett

  9. "Actually, hindi kailangan ng mga PULITIKO na makatapos ng Elementary o High School. Kasi itong ating mga Pulitiko gusto lang nilang paupo upo lang sa kwarto, pakaway kaway, habang nagnanakaw sa Pilipinas "ROOM POLITICIANS" kumbaga, papasyal-pasyal sa america and in other countries habang nilulustay ang pera ng mahirap na PINOY. Hindi naman sila kailangang GANOON KAGALING."

  10. I am certain the Mrs Villar finally realize that what she said is belittling the Filipino nurses. Nurses that is well treated outside the country...

  11. I'm never gonna vote for Cynthia VIllar.

  12. What a wrong statement about the Filipino nurse in general :-( Does she know that Filipino nurses are hard worker and that Filipino in general too :-( I am not a nurse by profession but I worked in a nursing home and see many Americans who is not a comparison of how Filipino nurse will take care of their patient :-) Shame on her :-(

  13. She's not only ignorant but insensitive. That just goes to show how inefficient she will be when she sits in the Senate. (God forbid!).

  14. Oh yea heard about her... She's for sure in trouble now! That's why think first before you speak!

  15. Patay siya nito. She is definitely not gonna win soon....

  16. Patay siya nito. She is definitely not gonna earn my vote for this.

  17. That really sparked controversy enough to have people stop voting for her all the more! Even if she apologized, she had already said it and damage has been done.

  18. She should at least study some more. Who would want a senator that didn't even think what to say first and more importantly, who would want someone on the position who discriminates a fellow Filipino?

  19. That just shows how detached from the populous our so-called politicians are. They don't really care they just want to hold seats of power.

  20. I'm never a fan of the Villars since I'm still wondering how they accumulated their wealth. This also shows her lack of experience when it comes to public service.

  21. I pity her and I will still vote for her. Maybe she was nervous and could not find anything good to say. As we can see the time to answer is so limited.

  22. Honestly I don't like and I will not vote those candidates who are spending a lot of money in their campaign. Saan nila kukunin ang pampalit sa ginastos nila??? magkano lang naman ang sahod ng Senador. Sasabihin nila gustong makatulong. y not i donate na lang nila sa nangangailangan ang pera nila na gagamitin sa eleksyon. Im pretty sure may personal interest yan :( #justmycents :(

  23. She regrets it and is publicly asking for forgiveness. Come on, every one makes mistakes, it just so happen the she is a popular personality and a senatorial candidate as well, but it does not change the fact the she is human being, someone who is not created to be perfect. If I was the one who said what she said during the interview, with EVERY BODY care? I guess not. She did not shot a child on national TV for God's sake. Let's just appreciate the fact that she had the courage to admit that she was wrong and she was humble enough to say that she is sorry.

  24. She has an interesting and wonderful TV campaign ad. I don't hear much about her not until this post.

  25. Kiss her ass. Definitely she is in my senatorial list.

  26. Her controversial opinion is "napapanahon" especially a lots of graduating nurse students only a few become successful in abroad and here in the Phil.

  27. it was very downgrading.. I don't like how she thinks of them that way..

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