Corruption in the Philippines Causes Flood and Poverty

With the calamity going on in the Philippines, there is no doubt that floods are the results of constantly voting these corrupt politicians who lives comfortably in their air conditioned mansions out of stealing money from the taxpayers. Do they have conscience? No, they don't! The effect can be seen every time there is rain and typhoon, flooding is expected in Metro Manila and nearby places. It's just frustrating that the Filipino people are the only ones to be blamed for putting them in the position.

People keep throwing trash anywhere. Clogged  canals and waterways, where large squatter communities lives. Vote-buying in Philippine slums are the reason why unscrupulous politicians leads the country. Filipinos left the country to work abroad because there are no opportunities for them, monthly salary is not enough to give family a decent life. Squatters are occupying the whole country and so are the corrupt politicians. More squatter means more votes for them.

As a result of politicians constant stealing, flooding has become a part of Filipino life.  Government do not care about auditing and monitoring  where the tax money goes to. If they will only wake up, then we will have better roads and flood ways. Recently, one of the  most powerful typhoon hits the Philippines that caused death and destruction.


Araneta Avenue, Quezon City






 Sta Mesa, Manila


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  1. It's time to abolish PORK BARREL immediately, seems like Pinoy would want to retreat from his original message to the public that he wants this stopped. I hope he'll stick to his words!

  2. wala nga daw budget kaya wala pampagawa ng maayos na kanal

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