Part 2: Million People March at Luneta

Manny Sarmiento. "By being in Luneta and other places in the Philippines on August 26, we are sending a message, but a message only as strong as the number of people participating."

Ella Jorraine Serrano. Putting into action is the best Everyone knows what Philippine Government system is but still they continue the corruption as a traditional system. Knowing is different to putting into action if you are already tempted with the money,power and will already fall into temptation. This million march will be meaningless if not each one of us doesn't know how to practice righteous acts but still continue the selfish acts. Righteous Acts is the best! Knowing what is good and avoid evil deeds.

Eliseo Rio Jr. I do not know with the others, but I will go to Luneta on August 26 without any expectations but just to be present and vent my disgust. I will maybe talk to the stranger to my left, to my right, the one in front and behind me and ask them if they feel the same disgust that I feel. If we share the same feelings, our small group will try to touch base with the small groups around us, talking on how we can make our disgust into something constructive for the sake of our country. I will listen to speeches if there are any, be entertained by show biz personalities if any, but always observing, exchanging ideas, to those I can physically reach. I don’t need an organization to do this for me. I don’t need a permit to do this. My physical safety I will entrust to the authorities in the area.

When I get home, I will put in the social media my experiences, what ideas I have gathered, how wide-spread the feeling to change for the better is, how deep the disgust on corruption is. I will be sure that this will reach a greater number of people that I came in contact in Luneta. . I am sure that a number of patriotic IT nerds will find ways to merge my comments with the hundreds of thousand comments of others for all to see. Suddenly, the so called silent majority becomes a virtual reality. Suddenly, dedicated, self-sacrificing leaders/facilitators will emerge in this virtual world. Suddenly, this virtual majority can, at a call, enter the real world to strike at those who will do them harm, who will jeopardize the future of their children, who prioritize their personal needs to the needs of the country. And I will wake up the next morning knowing that this is not just a dream, that we have finally become the REAL BOSS.

BUT I will not just stay at home because of a preconceived notion that nothing will come out of this. THIS IS precisely the apathy a whole generation, my generation, felt and therefore did nothing, resulting in a waste-basket Philippines. This is precisely why I said that this disease has now infected this generation of my children, for even when they are being made fools of by people they elected, some would rather not do anything about it, but just ask questions and complain. NO I will not stay at home. This time I will act!!!

By being in Luneta and other places in the Philippines on August 26, we are sending a message, but a message only as strong as the number of people participating.

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