Anti Muslim Policy of Vista Land Developer

Descrimination in property buying  is not common but it is happening in the Philippines. An OFW (Oveseas Flipino Worker) in Qatar, a muslim country, was turned down by a sales representative to purchase a property because of her religion. He said that it is his company policy not  to sell them.

This incident created chaos to the Filipino Muslims in Qatar. Miss Minda, a muslim property seller whose concern is  to help OFW's like her to  spend  their hard earned money wisely and it is so disappointing for her  to know that one of the buyer was turned down  from purchasing a property because of religion.

"It is sad to know that VISTA LAND DEVELOPER (Brittany, Crown Asia & Camella Homes) has a COMPANY POLICY of ANTI MUSLIM according to their Sales Rep in Qatar. I was just informed today. A Muslim buyer with her abaya dress came to meet the representative but since I am her referral agent for this buyer then I was inform that this buyer will not be approve to purchase a House Lot in CDO because she is a Muslim.".

We may worship different from each other but  we all are created by "One God" and it sad that some company like Vista Land Developer is against Islam.  What's wrong with Muslims? Does the money of Muslims and Christians have any difference? And what is funny here, they have representative to Islamic countries selling their properties.

One buyer was also once turned down after completing all the requirements after the company learned he is a Muslim living in Davao.


This is seriously sickening, offensive and racist policy! Whoever made the Anti Muslim policy has a reason .
Vista Land  management deserves to be heard. concerning this issue. Hopefully they will clarify their policy against Muslim buyer.

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  1. no! company shouldn't do this. I am a Christian but I am against of this. it's really unfair for Muslim sides. not all Muslims are terrorist.
    they are also a human, we must UNITE together, Helping each other.

  2. "Does the money of Muslims and Christians have any difference?"

    Here in Cagayan de Oro a big YES.
    Muslims here have dirty money stolen government funds and drug money.
    To have muslims as neighbor is likely to have a druglord a warlord or a dirty politician nearby. And These people have several enemies back in Lanao del Sur.

  3. Muslims fuck the shit out of any community they live in.

  4. Camella Homes CDO is now full of muslims.
    The subdivision is full of drugs and guns.
    Several maranao politicians reside there and hundreds of armed bodyguards.
    Eversince Camella became islamized, carnapping became rampant in the entire uptown.
    I hope Vista Land learn its lesson by now.

  5. Oh,, this is true? But, Camella properties is a good investment.

  6. I am not sure, but perhaps its due to the muslim communities/groups/gangs that arise within the subdivisions. This causes specific areas to be muslim "controlled" and the other home owners do not approve of it. Unsure whether its a safety concern, social disturbance or etc, however I am sure it is not "terrorist" related as they have bio-datas and credit inspection.

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