How To Celebrate The New Year Safely

The end of the year is fast approaching. Actually, only few days to go before the New Year’s Eve and we will then all bid our goodbyes to 2014. We will finally leave all the sad memories, the heartaches and other bad things that happened in this year and we will only need to take happy memories with us in the next year. Though easier said than done, it is still best if we give it a try, right?

Before we officially bid goodbye to 2014, it is common for us, especially Filipinos, to welcome the New Year with a bang! And the best and effective way to do this is to use firecrackers of various types to light up hours before and during (and even after) the New Year’s Eve. We usually believe that the louder the noise, the better; the louder the “bang” the more lucky we will be the following year. This is because of an ancient belief that was imparted to us by the Chinese which is, “to let the bad spirits or the bad luck stay away from us, we must disturb them with loud noises so that they will go away, thus luck will be on our side”. Even though we do not have scientific basis or explanation for this belief, we still observe this practice every year – regardless if this is true or not.

Due to the massive and effective campaign of the Department of Health and other involved private agencies, together with the fast evolution of technology, various ways have been implemented, especially by the government, to encourage people to stop using these dangerous firecrackers during New Year’s Eve to avoid untoward accidents. Parade of Lights, the use of Sky Lanterns, remote-controlled lighted, flying objects, LASER and other Hi-Tech innovations are displayed and done to entertain the people and celebrate the Media Noche with the same enthusiasm and positivity. Locals have even been accustomed to using kitchenware to make loud noises in lieu of pyrotechnics for their own safety.

However we celebrate this worldwide event, we must always keep in mind of the “Safety First” policy and that be responsible for whatever actions we plan to take so that no one will get hurt in the process. After all, we are all planning to welcome the New Year with a smile in our faces.
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