The Role of Social Media

Social media has played and is playing a big role in our community today. This role can be perceived negatively or positively by people depending on what aspect it is judged. For bloggers, social media is a big help in promoting our blogs and promoting the articles that we have written to reach a wider audience, thus one of the best ways to endorse the product or service that we intend to advertise. Also, through social media, we will be able to, as bloggers, to invite other people to attend events for product launching or any other activity for a cause and the like.

For ordinary people, social media is so far the best outlet for them to express how they feel, to post whatever is on their minds, to tweet or share any information they have read that they may think interesting to others, to post a picture of what they are doing on that very moment so that other people who follow them is updated of their activities or even their schedule for a specific time.

On the other hand, other people, especially those who are working in public offices, view social media as a way of stalking them, a way of invading their privacy, or a way of putting them in a shameful position and dragging their names in scandalous activities. Some personalities may likewise think social media as a way of irresponsible journalism because anyone can post anything (without scrutinizing the authenticity of the story first) where hundreds or even thousands or millions of people may see and share them to the rest of the world.

While this is the case, still we cannot deny that social media has been a great help when it comes to information dissemination that it is now deemed effective as to spreading the news (sadly we are talking of both accurate and reliable news). Now, it is our responsibility to verify the facts and to check if the articles or news that we read online is authentic or not.
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