Love: The True Essence of Christmas

Every person has his own priorities, his own wants and needs. Some people may choose material things, while others may prefer tangible ones such as love, peace, prosperity and good health among others. No matter what these people wish for these holiday season, what matters most is that the desires of their hearts are granted as long as nobody is hurt, right?

This Christmas season, it is important for us to bear in our minds the reason why we are celebrating this yuletide season in the first place. In this month of December, it is a must for us to remember that our Lord came in this world in order to save us from our sins; He came to redeem us from the wickedness of this world.

We also have to recollect the fact that our Lord God is humble being born only in a manger. This is the message that is sent to us - we must learn how to humble ourselves, no matter how rich or financially wealthy we are because Christ himself symbolizes humility. Even though He is a son of God, He did not demanded for a special “birthing place” or become “man” in a wealthy family; instead, He was born in a poor family.

Anyway, the essence of celebrating Christmas season is not to have a house full of Christmas lights, having a tall and beautiful Christmas tree full of gifts underneath it and giving expensive gifts. Christmas basically means sharing what you have, not just the material things but also those that can only be felt like a warm, tight hug, a simple thank you, showing our appreciation to our loved ones and forgiveness among others.

Whichever of these are important to you this holiday season, just remember that it’s the thought that counts and that love is the most important thing in the world. When love governs our hearts and minds, everything will follow and we don’t need to wait for Christmas time to share our love to other people. 
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  1. exactly :) i prefer giving gifts rather than receiving them, makes me happier :) it's my way of giving thanks to the Lord.

  2. Yes truly, love forms the very essence of Christmas and not the material things we often are so stressed about.

  3. Exactly. Christmas is sharing what you have and giving back the love to the people around us. Merry Pasko Ms. Tess and may you have a Prosperous New Year!

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  5. Merry Christmas! Hope I'm not too late. The true meaning of Christmas isn't measured in gifts or Christmas decorations like you said. We often forget the true meaning of it. It's all about love and the birth of the Lord.

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