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 I was online that time and was watching all his moves. As soon as he was in the group,he joined all the social syndication thread and done liking all the comment in no time at all. I really want him in the group but rule is rule, no foreigners are allowed to be a member.

April 2, 2012, Sunday, Bloggers Worldwide was born. Well, good luck to me and the admins to be on how we are going to handle foreign bloggers. Definitely, I need to get my dictionary and practice my English and grammar. I might nosebleed too just like Edmar Gu-Quibb when he posted his proposals on the group wall.

So if you still want another bloggers group to join in . Just asked to join and I will be more than happy to have you in the group.

by Tess Torrecampo-Chancellor
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About Filipino Worldwide Bloggers

(FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011 as Filipino Bloggers Around the World. As the name implies, the purpose is to unite all Filipino Bloggers around the world.


  1. This is so amazing! Good luck. FULL SUPPORT!! :)

  2. Jejeje thesaurus and dic is now ready mami tess;) we're truly Global now, congrats FBW and BW!

  3. hope that it will be successful just like fbw

  4. I'm so glad i am part of this group.. more power Filipino bloggers!

  5. Go Pinoy Power!!! Love to join!

  6. Bloggers help each other...Filipino or not. I'm glad to know you came up with this group. do I join? hehehe!

  7. Wow! It's good to know that you guys also considered having a group where foreigners can also join. great!

  8. Wow great! by the way Goodluck!

  9. Kudos to you for forming this group. Now bloggers from all over the world will get to join in the fun.

  10. support is here for you Ate Tess!

  11. You can do this, Miss Tess! Full support all the way! :)

  12. Goodluck Bloggers Worldwide! ;)

  13. gooluck to all of us!!! no to pasaway members din sna pra mging ok and maayos lalo ang group!! were so big now!! god bless everyone! xx

  14. Going great! and going places! Best of luck to the group.

  15. wow! congrats sis! galing mo. good luck!

  16. happy to be part of this!!! Good luck!!

  17. Nice group. I want to join. Let me check it.

  18. so nice to be part of this community :) keep it going sis!!!

  19. truly supporting this new endeavor, and hopefully, it will be successful too.
    i'm glad to be a member too. hoping for the best in bloggers worldwide.

    hope you'll have a fruitful holy week =)

  20. I remember the oft-quoted quote: "No man is an island" This group was conceived to get well-acquainted with bloggers in the different parts of the world. Communication is the sole point of organizing this group, I presume. This a very well-deserved and a welcome gesture, or shall I say a world-wide frienshipping activity. Any apprehension for that matter may be set aside. As long as everyone can communicate and he/'she is well recommended by any member of this group, then he/she is in. Do I sense it?

    Anyway, I salute Tess for her initiative, for her resourcefulness, for her sincere desire to let the whole world know that bloggers do exist, that bloggers are abounding all over the world. They are human of any kindred, tongue, nations.

    Allow me to share this insight why everyone should blog. "It is in blogging that everyone is sharing. It is in sharing that everyone cares. And it is in caring that everybody shares his/her love."

    Everyone, you're welcome! Happy blogging! :)

  21. Hello! I recently saw this new group.. if I am fitting to join, I hope I get the chance to. =)

  22. exciting!makaya kaya ng powers ko?

  23. wow! we are occupying the whole space now without boundaries. ^^ Good luck, ma'am Tess. Count me in!

  24. Please add me! :)

  25. Haha.. I was surprise with the special mention mommy Tess! Full Support to BW! Pero foreigners are not joining some activities. Hope they will join too soon.

  26. Would love to be there! What do we know some of them (foreign bloggers) may even invite us at their places sometime, perhaps for a blogger meet up. :)

  27. I just joined to this today. Thanks admin for accepting my request to join the group. More Power!

  28. I love Bloggers Worldwide! Thanks for adding me there :)

  29. Cool! I hope I could help in my own little way. ^_^

  30. this is a great opportunity for me to thank you personally for letting me in the group. i feel so fortunate to meet bloggers worldwide and share my GOD- given talent as i may say it.

  31. Congrats and more power Miss Tess!

  32. can we also join? I also wanna meet other bloggers from different parts of the globe. =)

  33. yes,everybody is welcome .just go to the group page and "ask to join"

  34. I'd love to join as well :)

  35. "Blogging is a very lonely activity without a community." Cliche, but true. I'd love to join this group. Kanina ko pa hinahanap si "ask to join" pero di ko siya makita. :-) Anyway, I'll be here reading and looking for some other blogs to follow.

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