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Today, I came across to the weirdest and most unfair bloggers group in Facebook in my own opinion. As a blogger who are a member of more than five Facebook bloggers group, I know how each one differ from each other according to the admins rules and guidelines. All these groups are worthy of joining and I enjoy interacting with the members and at the same time posting my daily blog post.

Three days ago, I joined at Live Bloggers group with more than two thousand members (2,862). It is a closed group so I have no idea what Is going on at the group wall. So to satisfy my curiosity of how come they come up with such a big number of members, there must be something special with the group",  I hit "Ask to join" and got accepted the following day. This morning, I check the group again and planned to post my latest blog. I look for the"Write post" but cannot find it.

Instead, this is what they have

What is going on here? so a curious me need an answer by commenting to the latest thread.

And there goes an an answer to my question, only admin can post. I know right there and then that the group is not for me so I hit print screen first to blog about it and click "leave the group".

So what do you think ? Are you gonna join the group with only the four admins has the right to post and get traffic for their blog post. Isn't it  unfair to all the members? It is obviously taking advantage of other blogger or whatever you call it.

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About Filipino Worldwide Bloggers

(FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011 as Filipino Bloggers Around the World. As the name implies, the purpose is to unite all Filipino Bloggers around the world.


  1. Thank you for the heads up, Tess. It's my first time to hear and know about this FB group and no, I won't be joining. As you've said, it's kinda unfair for the members to not be able to post on the wall. After all, I already am a member of the coolest bloggers group on FB. I think they're enough to keep me and my blogs happy :)

  2. Absolutely that's a bogus group. I like the FBW cuz the admin's strict about reciprocals. Nice job.

  3. They should have call it "Admin Group" and not "Bloggers Group" lol!

  4. I think you hit the wrong word for LIVE BLOGGERS GROUP and maybe the real name is LEAVE BLOGGERS lolz, yes there is an option for the admins in FB Groups

  5. Wow, even a page is better, at least liking a page you can also write in the page wall if you want to say something. But I don't understand why they have so many members , what benefit are they getting from the group? Hmmm that's weird indeed.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Tess. Very good heads up to us. I agree with Carol, that group whould be called Admin Group..

  7. Hi Tess, thanks for the heads up. Indeed, it seemed unfair that members can't post on that group wall.
    Have a blessed week!

  8. actually there's also a group like that which I am a member too but the admin will start the thread, and those who will join for the day will comment their link with twitter username, at least the walls are all threads no messy post, but still happy for my recent group I guess I can't handle now too many groups

  9. Hmmm. I'd rather be with FBU than that group. Lol. I mean, I prefer open group with mutual benefits.

  10. wow! and yet they have a lot of members ha. oh well...yeah i would rather stay where i below right now :d

  11. Kakaiba nga ang policy ng group na yan. Hehe. Pero bakit ang dami paring members? Interesting at pagkakaperahan ba posts ng admins dun? hehe.

  12. wow they are sure "siguristas", I hope the other members f that group will wake up from that " bad dream"! Thanks for blogging about this ms. Tess

  13. i never encounter this group. good thing i'm not a member :)

  14. That's really unfair if only admins can share, well maybe who knows only the admins change visits and the member's doesn't care at all.. Lol!

  15. I am happy to be in the group(s) that I am I don't need that unfair group Miss Tess.

  16. I agree with @kiko, it should be "leave" bloggers group lol! =)

  17. I've joined other groups like that, they don't let you post stuff and edit their docs for blog listings, the problem is they don't update the docs regularly

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