Bloggers' Treat and $300++ Paypal Cash Giveaway Sign Ups


Bloggers’ Treat and $300+ Paypal Cash Giveaway Sign Ups is open from February 10 – 25.

Bloggers who will post the announcement and promote the giveaway, will get TWO FREE LINKS (Facebook and Twitter only) on the Rafflecopter.


* Blog must have Google Page Rank of 2 and up and with Domain Authority of 35 and up ONLY. 

* Must be willing to post about the giveaway and promote it at least once a day. 

* Must have an announcement post about the blogger sign-up BIG TREAT FOR BLOGGERS!!!!!!! 

 $250 Cash will be raffled off to all qualified blogs! 

$100 Cash incentive for the blog/blogger that/who refers the most contest joiners! 

 $300 initial prize for Rafflecopter entries! 

Please sign up only if your blog/s is/are qualified. Click here to signup.
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About Filipino Worldwide Bloggers

(FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011 as Filipino Bloggers Around the World. As the name implies, the purpose is to unite all Filipino Bloggers around the world.


  1. too bad our site 10pts behind for the domain authoriy. Need to be active and rebuild..

  2. Hope next time it will be PR1 and above, hehe

  3. ohhh I think my blog just about meets the requirements. I'll consider joining :).

  4. Good luck to those joining. The $300 cash should be a real boost in the cash flow.

  5. The winners will surely appreciate getting the prizes for this contest. $300 is quite a sum for an online contest.

  6. Aww I'm not eligible to join. The prize is really good. It might be a long time when I reach PR2.

  7. Too bad my blog is only PR1 and I can't join here. This is a great giveaway - Cash is a better giveaway than any device or gadget.

  8. I'll just check if any of my blog meet those requirements. Nice giveaway.

  9. Will join this one! :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. I will join this one kind of interesting

  11. Wow, I will join to this too :)

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