To Niche or Not to Niche?

To help some confused bloggers whether it is important to have a niche or not, I asked this question to Filipino Bloggers Worldwide, "In blogging, is it important to have a niche? Why or why not?", and here’s what they say.

Trish Baylon- Yes, this serves as guide to your posts and according to others, niche blogs is easier when it comes to SEO stuff.

Paolo Ubiadas- niche since it is easier to make an article because you have an idea of what topic to write.

Papaleng Pagulong- with niche because it is SEO friendly.

Ted Claudio- I think niche blog is better if you really want to specialize on something which is your main interest or speciality. I have a photography niche blog before but switched to general when I got invited to events. My mentor told me to have a general blog for flexibility and consolidated traffic. I think it really depends on your interest and forte. I like events so it's more practical to have a general blog in my case.

Justin Vawter T. Buenagua- I don't really rely on SEO because it's too complicated, but speaking on a different perspective, with niche is much better. If you are a reader, it is difficult to read a general post. I guess the best way to try if your blog really works is ask yourself, if I am the reader, would I love reading my blog?

ChrisAir Martinez Abenes- I agree with them, niche blog has a better chance for visitors to read more post in your site.

Ellen Bernardino- In my opinion, for new bloggers, it is better to start with niche blog according to your interest to share with everybody and a general blog if you  have a lot of followers already.

Earl Pablo- At first I let the passion in writing to grow. That is the first step. Write everything what comes into your mind. As you develop you can find your niche. Having a niche serves as your second identity. You will be known and identified with it. SEO comes second.

Mark Morfe- For me, its a yes because readers would be able to remember you with your strengths found in your niche. Ironically though, I'd still prefer a mixed-type for flexibility and variation.

Delora Sales-Simbajon- It's a yes for me for two things. You have more focus on what you write about and it's so much easier to get advertisers and sponsored posts if you have a specific niche.

Jam Kuh- For me it is important to have a niche for your readers, they will think of your blog when it  concern  some topics, let's say regarding fashion, travel or whatever.

Charlie Montemayor
- It all depends on your purpose, if you just want to write then you are not aware of the word ":niche" then it  is not a big deal with you but if you have any other reason aside from writing then it is better to niche

My say - If you are new into blogging and still don't know what topics you are going to write or there a lot of topics going on in your mind then go for a general blog and from there, if you think that you are ready for a niche blog then go for it. Find your way to a better blogging career and eventually earn from it.

So, what are your thoughts? Share it here.
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  1. I've been blogging for quite sometime. I started out with a general blog, as you have suggested at the end of this article. It's more like testing the waters. I decided to do a niche blog because I finally found a topic that I could sustain, and write a lot about. I think one of the advantages of a niche blog is that you focus on one theme or topic. It has a better chance of getting a good following from people of the same interest, than a general, anything goes type of blog.

    If you do opt for a general blog, you still should at least have main categories within. Just my opinion though. You actually choose whatever works best.

  2. I agree with you!! if you are a newbie, try different topics.. and after getting into your comfort zone, stick to it since that is where you are great.. :)

  3. I agree with pretty much everyone. Niche blogs are easier to promote and easier to rank for. You'll be able to create a following a lot easier because people will remember your blog because it's very specific.

    Starting an "anything goes" type of blog can work but it's going to take a while and a lot of work to get it noticed/ranked. In my opinion it's better to start with a niche blog first and then start branching out to related subjects once you've already earned some success with it.

  4. Niche. It will serve as your guide on what to blog about. :)

  5. I can go for both. I mean, they share their own advantages and disadvantages so having a general blog and niche blog is ok for me.

  6. A niche blog would definitely have a wider range of readers. You don't want to be all over the place.

  7. I started with a general blog, because back then, I had no idea what I really want to write about. Then I grew as a writer (in my opinion, hehe), so I started a new blog with a niche.

    Niche blog is really good if you plan to earn from it. :)

  8. Wow! I never imagine my comment would be included in here =P.

    Anyway, a dual- or a tri-niche blog would probably work.

  9. Just like most people, I started blogging without any real idea about what to write about so I started with a general kind of blog. As I got to know about the SEO business however, I realized that if you want to earn from blogging, having a blog with a niche is more effective.

  10. I think Ate Tess we have to experiment for new blogger in my own opinion must have to write what he specialized.. so he can focus on that topic..

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