What to Expect from Palawan's Underground River Tour

Sabang Port

Buenavista View Deck

The road trip to Sabang Port will take you 2 hours, that’s if you're coming from Puerto Princesa's city proper. Generally, tour packages may vary (inclusive of free pick-up/drop-off, licensed tour guide and complimentary buffet lunch by Sabang Beach). But most excursions will make a quick stop by the Buenavista View Deck. You’ll be able to find a souvenir shop here, plus a nice view of the three remarkable islets: the Tres Marias.

Palawan's Subterranean River

You’ll be boarding an outrigger boat, as soon as you arrive at the Sabang Beach Port. The travel time towards the Underground River site will usually take 25-30 minutes. Also expect a 5-10 minute trek towards the site proper (amidst a forest of trees and a few monitor lizards), as soon as you land on shore.

The entire Underground River tour will last for more or less 45 minutes. But during the tour, you will be able to witness some of the most incredible rock formations. Different rocks may look like an image of a jellyfish, a certain vegetable, religious characters, mushrooms and many more. You'll be amazed as to how nature formed these rocks throughout the passing of time. Of course, allow your imagination to run wild while you’re at it.

Now, according to a 2010 study, the underground river (also known as St. Paul's Subterranean River National Park or St. Paul Underground River) also consists of a giant cave dome that measures 300 meters above the river. Other than that, the famous Philippine site also houses a range of large bats. With regards to this, it would be advisable to keep your mouth closed, especially when looking up, as bat droppings may fall unexpectedly. Besides these interesting sights, the river also has several river channels, marine creatures and more.

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  1. I have not been to Palawan yet. It would be great to explore the place someday.

  2. i've never been there either but i seen the place through discovery channel and of course by the pictures. that place is gorgeous and i would love to connect with the nature because it looks beautiful. hopefully someday i'll be able to see the place in person

  3. The underground river is just amazing with all the limestone formations inside the cave.

  4. A dream destination for me, perhaps this summer makapunta ako riyan. And yes, I will remember your advice not to open my mouth while looking uo kapag nasa loob na ng river. Ano kaya ang lasa ng 'bat's 'pupu'.

  5. Same from Chubs and jheylo, I've never been in Palawan so I would check this two views once me and my fam would visit this world renowned place. Especially it's in our country. The subterreanean is a must =)

  6. On top of the amazing view in the cave another thing you should expect is the smell inside the cave, you cannot imagine the number of bats inside.. :D

  7. That's one reason I'm proud to be a Filipino. Someday, I'll visit Palawan and enjoy its beauty. ^_^

  8. I'd like to go and witness this 9th wonder of the world. However, my aunt said she went to the Underground River with her family and they were not amazed enough. Sigh.

  9. I'm sure I will like the underground river cruise.
    It can be the best experience when visiting Palawan, aside from the beaches.

  10. I really want to visit this place especially when it became famous.. so intrigued about the rock formations..

  11. I havent been to Palawan. Hhuhuhu... and im hearing a lot of good things about this place. I hope to be able to plan for my visit there this yr.

  12. This is one place I would really want to visit,I am just looking for the right time :)

  13. the caves really looks magnificent, how i wish we could visit the place someday... so i can also share something about it. Yahweh bless.

  14. Too bad I missed this when I was in Palwan =\

  15. i am looking forward ti see philippines more in the future!! been asking my aussie frends to come in philippines then thailand! xx

  16. My brother says Palawan is really beautiful. And if you want to visit pinas you must see Palawan. Someday I'll be there too.

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