What’s More Important For Your Blog Than Google’s PageRank

We all know that Google’s PageRank is pretty important for bloggers and their blogs. It’s one of the barometers, or let me say, a way to measure blog’s authority and dependability in terms of information, content it serves and link power it can give. But nowadays, website authority and importance is not measured by Google PageRank alone, there are far more important stuff that every webmaster must take a look at and I listed few of them below.

Domain Authority Or Rank

If you will notice, there are advertisers who ask or require certain level of domain authority. Domain authority is measured by a lot of domain characteristics and stuffs that might contribute to its ability to get traffic and rank. Domain age, link popularity and size are few factors that contribute to the level of domain authority a certain website can have. There are free tools out there that you can use to check your websites’ domain authority. One of the most popular is the opensiteexplorer.org of seomoz.org.

Social Popularity And Influence

The world and internet is getting social. So we, blog owners and webmasters must ride or go along with the flow or else we will be left behind. Your blog or your brand’s social popularity and influence matters a lot nowadays. It just shows how huge your community or followers are. The higher the social popularity you have the more traffic and visit your website or blog will have. Social popularity can be measured simply by the number of tweets or retweets, Facebook likes, Google + shares, YouTube views, Re-Pins or even likes and views from Stumbleupon.

Blog Comments

Some may or may not agree with me at this one. But for me, the comment each and every blog or websites gets plays an important role aside from Google’s PageRank. The comment your blog receives shows the kind of readership or community your article is reaching. By the way, I am not just talking about the numbers; it’s also about the quality of comments.

So what are your thoughts? Any questions, reactions or clarifications? Let me hear them all via the comment section below.
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  1. i wasn't familiar with domain authority until now, I must check mine for this , though i have not given much attention to this as I feel that mine site is getting enough traffic not i have never expected ... thanks for the info.

  2. Whoa, that page rank 9 makes my eyes sore. lol! That's really something. Indeed, page rank and domain authority are two things that bloggers are up to. I guess, most bloggers want to have a higher page rank, but still domain authority is also very important. :)

  3. Yeah I think more than statistics, its important that a blog post has its uniqueness such it will appeal to readers and because of that it will self- propagate.

  4. I like the last part, true and genuine comments on your blog show connection of your blog (of course you personally) to the readers which may lead to regular subscribers if properly handled. Great post!

  5. I guess it is both pretty much important. I am not an I.T or SEO specialist to be able to say it clearly the difference between two of it. But base on my involvement in both of it. all of it could not stand alone.

  6. For me, all of these are equally important and bloggers should not miss out on any. The ratings all depend on the analysis and preference of the advertiser.

  7. I guess statistics are really important for advertisers to come to your blog and this is part of the reality.

  8. Social media influence has a great impact to one's authority in blogging.

  9. Very true indeed. More than the buzz created y the comments section, it is also the backlinks that you can get that matters especially for new website owners with a related blog. On another note, I guess if a site is no follow, commenters will not be encouraged at all to post comments.

  10. Great article. Indeed PageRank is just one of the million metrics of blogging success.

  11. That is really true, everyday i am struggling to make my site on top. I do commenting, blog visits and that like..Overtime, youll get to learn what works best for you.

  12. it's also important to remember that it takes time for your blog to rank, unless you do have a really large network. the domain also adds to this. for instance, some new .wordpress blogs may rank higher than self hosted ones. this is because WP blogs take wordpress.com's ranking.

  13. does google take note of what exactly is being said in each and every comment posted? i agree with you quality is important.. and writers do appreciate comments that have substance and actually relate to his/story. Its about respecting the hard work that bloggers put into their writing.. thats pretty important.

  14. I agree that Page Rank is not the be-all, end-all of online influence. It may measure how many inbound links you've gained but not the amount of traffic you receive nor the influence you have towards your readers. Not all SEO or social media strategies can work for a single blog. What matters most is you stick to what really works for you (think: 80/20 rule) and consistently create contents for your target readers.

  15. I think Alexa rank should also be included as some advertisers are after the alexa rank

  16. thanks for sharing..big help for my website

  17. I think it's better too see more interaction in the site since you'll know your hitting your target market. Page rank can may be give you more hits but it's more important to hit your desired audience.

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