Metro Manila Is Safe For Kidnappers But Not In Davao

Kidnapping is rampant in Metro Manila,Philippines. The kidnappers favorite victims are the Filipino Chinese, known for their millions, who can afford to pay for the ransom money.  Recently, a Filipino-Chinese businesswoman was abducted inside her office in Metro Manila. Her relatives had immediately called the authorities for help but failed to rescue the kidnap victim. Sally Chua was easily transported from Metro Manila to Mindanao.She and the kidnappers traveled successfully by land, sea and air. After 6 days of being held up, she was rescued from the hands of 15 kidnappers while about to withdraw P15 million as her ransom in Davao City. Davao City Police killed 3 of the kidnappers and arrested one of them.

It was traumatic for the victims knowing that authorities was already right in front of you many times but failed to do their job correctly. During a press conference, Chua said in a press conference that the police officers in Metro Manila did not take action to intercept the kidnappers. “The first day, I was mad. We were trapped in traffic on EDSA but no policemen made the effort to intercept. If they conducted pursuit operations, they could have caught up with the kidnappers. We traveled on EDSA for almost an hour,” she said. “There were checkpoints but our vehicles were not checked. If the police checked on the vehicles, they could have seen the M-16 baby Armalite rifle and other short firearms,” she added. The police checkpoints set up along OsmeƱa Highway were ineffective, according to the victim.

It is sad to hear that when it comes to rescuing the victims, we can't count on the authorities in Metro Manila. All the check points are useless. It is either they are incapable for the job or are too scared to check all the cars so they just let them get away easily. But don't generalized the  poor performance of the law enforcer, Philippines has Davao City, were criminals are not welcome. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte made it clear  that Davao City is not a safe place for criminals, “It is either you leave Davao City horizontally or vertically. It is your choice. Just do not f*** here in my city,”. Davao has zero tolerance to criminals , they eliminate them in the face in their city. But the Commission on Human Rights under the leadership of Etta Rosales was not happy when the Davao police killed those kidnappers. Malacanang even reminded Duterte that a shoot-to-kill order is against the law.

If shoot to kill is illegal, then what the is legal way to kill these criminals? If you were in the shoes of those policemen, will you give them the chance to live? Remember these are heavily armed criminals and do not hesitate to kill if given a chance.

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  1. I could only sigh when people from the Metro Manila particularly the media highlight Mindanao as a dangerous place where violence and crimes happens in their own backyard ...

  2. True! I travel a lot to manila I could say it is the worst city that I have been. I wander why the president of the country cannot do something to help uplift mindanao's image. Media as well are bias on their reports they always generalized and exaggerate their news. They dont know, Davao City is more peaceful than in Manila and Cebu. I find those people ignorant.

  3. This is just so disappointing! the truth is I avoid watching news due to these kinds of reports (well, realities). we really need brass knuckles! imagine they were just there traveling along EDSA, passed checkpoints and the kidnappers were able to carry out their plan successfully and so smoothly? VERY WRONG! we really have to do something and do it now! democracy is being abused and our morals are spiraling down. Good to hear, such cannot be tolerated in Davao and Manila should follow suit.

  4. If I were the policeman, I wouldn't give them a chance to live because they should be punished according to their wrongful actions.

  5. I admire Davao for peace and orders. Criminals should not be coddled.

  6. What would Etta Rosales would suggest to the policemen if his kin will be kidnapped? Would she stand, about the f*cking HR or just be human and declare an all out war to these scoundrels.

  7. i admired the governing body in Davao because they know how to do tactics in comparison here in Metro Manila.

  8. I am a proud citizen of Davao and there could be no better place to call home but my city. I feel secure and safe here, smoking is not allowed in public places, there is 911 free to us, and we enforce garbage segregation, no plastic is allowed to be used as packaging for food. What more can I ask for ? :)

  9. Hindi naman siguro lahat ng law enforcer palpak. But I agree, there are lapses on the police side. Saludo ako kay Mayor Dutarte for bringing 'kamay -na-bakal' in Davao. We also have ex Mayor Lim who we calls Dirty Harry, but mas marami ang asar sa kanya when he applied the Dutarte-style in doing business with hoodlums and scalawags.

  10. I have never been to Manila nor Davao. But I admire the latter for the action they did. Criminals don't deserve whatever the Human Rights is saying. Laws are becoming so lousy. Gov't didn't even do anything with those children who are trained to steal, and what will they become when they grow up? Criminals! Such a shame.

  11. There is no such thing as "shoot to kill" order. When an official gives this kind of order, what he means is to only kill the person when the latter resists the arrest :) I'm proud to have a really responsible and people-loving Mayor :)

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