Zamboanga Update: CDO Blast Victim, Emmanuel Palafox arrived Zamboanga

Zamboanga City -- Last night, CDO blast victim, Emmanuel Desierto Palafox, arrived Zamboanga City in a white casket from CDO. Overflowing with pain and tears, his wife with their elder daughter received his remains and saw him for the first time after the blast. The rest of the family remain in shock. The small chapel where he was brought was crowded with families and friends who feel unimaginable pain for his loss.

He is known to many as Manny, who was in CDO for the PCCP convention. He was one of the three victims who was seated at a table where the bomb was allegedly placed, contained in a bag and killed them on the spot during the blast. Three other victims were also killed that night and two more died at the hospital, Monday. Manny works for the pharmaceutical company, Sandoz as the Company District Manager. Sandoz is the subsidiary of the global pharmaceutical leader Novartis, in the Philippines. To accept his death is very difficult for the family. He was only 35. His wife, Heteluv, is left with their two little girls to care, who are yet in grade school.

To his brothers, Atty. Jules Christian Marcos and Jerico Marcos, his death was "senseless". Manny is the youngest of three boys raised alone by their mother, Fatima. As the family lawyer and spokesperson, Atty. Jules expressed the plans of filing a case against those behind the bombing and also, against the police and the rest of those involved in the clean-up of the crime scene in CDO. Evidence that could have helped strengthen the case once they identify the bomber becomes weak because the place was cleaned-up before the investigation.

Video Credit: GMA Network

An innocent life was lost, and a family bereaved. Atty. Jules says that if the bombing has any political agenda, they should have expressed their grievances in other ways that do not claim lives of innocent people just like Manny who was only there at the call of duty. He works hard to support his family.

The initial schedule of the burial is on Friday, awaiting the arrival of Manny's mother and brother, Jerico from Davao City.

LATEST UPDATE: Family cries for justice.
Video Credit: GMA Network reported by Ian Cruz

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  1. senseless brutal death and so we ask why do these things happen to innocent people? but on the other hand, nothing is coincidental in life and there one day the reason for this will be revealed...

    my sympathies to the family.

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