Hungry Soldiers Fighting in Zamboaga Begging For Food

Eyrhil Tom E. Bulahan, a resident of Zamboanga, took these pictures on September 9, 2013 when one soldier ask him  for food. He shared the photos through social network site Facebook. He narrates  how a soldier approached him and asked him in the local (bisayan) dialect if they had any leftover rice for them as they had run out of food and had not eaten since early that morning, " bai? naa moy kanun or bahaw bsan gamay lang wala pa man gud mi nagkaon ganina buntag pa and walay tulog." (Mama? Wala ba kayong kainin jan na khit sunog na or yung tira tirang pagkain na hnd niyo na kakainin wala pa kase kameng kain simula kaninang madaling araw at wala pang tulog).”

"so I got some in our kitchen and some can goods and gallons of water to gave to them. Poor soldiers na nasa battle field ngayon fighting for our safe share and let the government know about this."

“Yung mga sundalo po bumibili na nang sarili nilang pagkain, isda, prutas gamit pera nila dahil lugaw lang ang pagkain nila ngayon,”  (soldiers  have resorted to buy their own food with their own money as they have only supplied with lugaw (porridge) as rations in the past few days), he said.

Eyrhil  and his  neighbors also left  drinking water outside of their homes for the soldiers to drink.

The government do not have the budget to support the soldiers  but have all the billions ready for the Pork Barrel budget that only goes to the corrupt Senators and Congressmen's pocket. The P10 billion pork scam lead by Janet Napoles is an issue that the government should resolve. Let justice be served, those money should go to the government projects for the poor people.

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  1. This is just so sad. I was watching the news earlier and Pnoy already visited our soldiers. I hope everyone would be safe. #PrayForZamboanga

  2. Nkakalungkot nga ito. They are the example of people working for their country and yet sino nakikinabang ng pinaghihirapan nila? Even a budget for the food cannot be provided by the Gov't?

  3. Thank you for featuring our city and our soldiers! I wonder if you want to donate for our evacuees too? We have around 60,000+ evacuees and I know they badly need us. I guess it's nice to help and seek with our co-bloggers. You can message me on Facebook / Email - Hope to here from you asap! Thanks! :)

  4. Saan ang mag politicians ngayon? nagtatago sa mansion nila? kawawang mga sondalo ng bansa, pero sige lang kaya nyo iyan, tapusin nyo muna dyan, saka balikan agad ang mga politicians na corrupt, putulan nyo sila ng ulo nila ha.

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