Quick Ways to Index Blog Post in Google Search

Indexing a website within 24 hours is easy but showing it on the first page of Google takes time and depends on the keywords you are using. This article was originally posted from Filipino Bloggers Worldwide Facebook group. A group of bloggers were asked  on ways to get their blog post  indexed by Google  fast.

1. Install Google Analytics. http://www.google.com/analytics/
2. Create a Sitemap and Submit to Google Webmaster Tools.
3. Submit your RSS feed.
4. Ping it.
5. Bookmark It. Use quality social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and  Delicious.
6. A link from a blog with high PR will make indexing faster.
7.  Be active in  forum, but make sure your  profile  has a signature with your link in it
8.  Make your content 100% unique after 30 seconds it will get indexed regardless of PR.
9. Your primary concern is to exploit the power of CMS before doing SEO.  Make use of the existing capabilities of my CMS.

Remember the basic ones.

1. Check your blog template if it is SEO-friendly.
2. Are the plugins you use not hurting your site's loading performance?
3. Are your  articles important to the readers? How many of those out there wants to know how your neurons work compared to the "BRAIN of Vice Ganda?", you want traffic so find the interesting topics.
4. Do not cheat. Spammy backlinks worth nothing.

If you  have something to add or  any other way to get indexed quickly,  please share  by leaving a comment below.

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(FBW) started as a Facebook group on November 1, 2011 as Filipino Bloggers Around the World. As the name implies, the purpose is to unite all Filipino Bloggers around the world.


  1. Google Updated its indexing system in 2010. The update was called Google Caffeine. It was designed to index all pages as fast as possible for a more user-friendly results. So it's not really necessary to submit a sitemap or Google Analytics.

    Once your website is launched provided that it is accessible to Google bots and other search engine crawlers, you can get your site indexed in less than or within 24 hours.

  2. this site is very informative and helpful for newbies bloggers like me. thanks for the effort Filipino Bloggers Worldwide!

  3. thanks for sharing interesting tips

  4. Thanks for this and more power to FBW... -OPM SOngs

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