Indonesia's Relief Goods Repackaged Under DSWD Relief Goods Pouch

 A ready for distribution relief goods from Indonesian , was repacked as per order of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) only because "they" want to repackaged using a different pouch  with markings "DSWD Relief Goods, Not For Sale" instead of sending them straight to the affected areas.  It is sad to know that in times like these our government still want to take the credit out of Indonesia, one form of stealing normal to Philippines government.

"When we volunteered, we were told to open and segregate relief goods that came from Indonesia earlier, even though these were already packed in pouches and ready for distribution. I don't understand why they won't distribute them directly when in fact they are already packed. Almost all of us who volunteered did not understand why there was no sense of urgency. The goods are ready but they are doing things that cause delay. Then for some packs that we already segregated, we were told to open once again because they should not be placed in sacks marked with DSWD but should be placed in those sacks marked with NFA. This is another delay. My heart ached as I took out the contents of the pouch to re-segregate. If those donations that we received were immediately distributed to the victims of Yolanda then they wouldn't go hungry and wait for death. My heart ached because the foreign nations are thinking of making the process of delivery faster yet our government doesn't think about it. Why do we need to re-pack and segregate those relief goods that are already prepared by the other countries?

We went home and discontinued our service. While opening and segregating the contents of the pouches, I felt pity on those people who were not immediately provided with help. I felt ashamed that other countries thought of how to send relief goods faster while our government puts them "on hold" if they are not yet repacked or counted.

I am frustrated. I am angry. I feel hopeless.

Lesson learned, I won't volunteer for the government anymore. It's much better if I volunteer for Private sectors."

DSWDs response:

Dear Volunteer,
I am writing this note to shed explanation about your FB post discouraging other volunteers to help the government in its relief efforts and your alleged accusation that individually packed donations from Indonesia in a pouch were opened and was not directly sent to ST Yolanda victims and further placed in a plastic bag with markings "DSWD Relief Goods, Not For Sale".
You see, it is a must to check and ensure that all relief goods particularly food items are fit for human consumption and in good condition (expiry dates are checked before they are dispatch).
In the case of the Indonesian donation, there is a need to separate the bottled items ( condiments, catsup, seasonings) in one container and mark it 'fragile ' to avoid damage or breaking it.
Food donations are segregated according to its kind for even distribution to the recipients to avoid duplication , unjust share and comparison ( others may receive only sardines while the others corned beef)
There is also a need to put the goods in a plastic bag with a ' Not for Sale' print so that no one can tamper, put sticker or picture and claim it as theirs, after all these goods came from us , the taxpayers.
I hope this simple explanation catches you so that other volunteers will not be discouraged and continue to help.
Believe it or not, more than a thousand kind-hearted volunteers line-up in a day to help with a smile, who do not count cost as they know that for every Family Pack they can wrap, one hungry family is fed.


Originally posted in Cebuano dialect by Cherrey Mae Pancho Bartolata on her Facebook wall.

Ang mga napadala dayon nga relief goods gikan Indonesia nga packed in a pouch and ready to distribute na maoy gipabungkag ug gipanglahi lahi ang sulod sa among pagvolunteer. Wala ko kasabot ngano dili nalang idiritso ug hatag nga naka-pack naman. Ug maskin kami halos tanan nga nagvolunteer didto wala kasabot ngano murag walay sense of urgency nga ang ready na unta himoan paman jud ug higayon nga malangay. Ug amoa nang nalahi lahi ang uban gipayabo kay dili daw sa sako nga naay DSWD isulod kay didto sa naay NFA. Kaduhang kalangay. Gasakit akong dughan samtang gipangkuha nako ang sulod sa pouch ug gipangbuwag. Kung sa pagdawat ato nga mga donation diritso ihatod sa mga biktima ni Yolanda, dili sila magutman ug maghulat mamatay. Nagsakit akong boot nga ang ubang nasod naghuna huna nga mapaspas ang atoa sang gobyerno wala ra sa ilang huna huna. Ngano mag cge paman ug repack ug pamungkag sa mga giandam na daan sa laing nasod.

Nanguli mi ug giputol namo among pagserbisyo. Kay samtang gipangbungkag nako ang sulod sa pouch' nalooy ko sa mga tawo nga wala dayon naabtan ug hinabang. Naulaw ko sa mga nasod nga nag effort nga mapaspas ug padala sa ilang donation samtang atong gobyerno gipanghold lang ang mga donation kay kung wala pa na repack, wala pa naihap.

I am frustrated. I am angry. I feel hopeless.

Lesson learned, dili nako mo-volunteer sa gobyerno. Mas maayo sa private sectors nlang

" While I was looking at the pouch before unpacking them, all I am thinking is "Someone needs to receive this right away!" Least of my concern at that moment is the idea of corruption. Yes, I am open to that idea but once again, all I really want to happen is the urgent distribution. I am concerned about the delay. Naa jud sa akong mind, this disaster pack wilL save someone's life in that very moment. I know everyone in here have voiced their opinion. When you're in a battle and someone's gonna die, and a bottle of water will save that person's life, you don't wait for someone to bring you a glass so that you can pour the water in before you let him drink it. You can actually let him drink directly from the bottle. The reason that I can not also provide the names of the staffs in DSWD is that when I jumped in to help, I didn't really find it necessary to know them. I had no plans of blogging about it. Had I known that those will happen, I could've collected names. All I know that night was that I couldn't go on with the task, I wouldn't want to continue the task - if I don't believe and agree with the process, what's the point of me being there. We just wanted to leave and so we did. Then we realized it bugged us and left us in a state of disbelief while we were on our way home. When something eats you up inside, especially when saying your part probably change things, then you got to say it. So, it was Friday night 15th of November at 9:30 PM at Mactan Air Base Sangi. I think that information can give the names of the people in charged that time. I don't care about who they really were. I just want changes. The least we can do is sabotage the TIMELY relief efforts of those countries who helped us."

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  1. the philippine government is full of shit. EXCUSES.EXCUSES! you guys lie as much as you guys steal. So what they are saying is it should be placed in a dsdw bag? then add another process by switching it to a nfa bag? how long did that take does? it really matter who it came from? how many lives do you think the government could have saved by skipping that billshit process. greedy greedy greedy.. they just want to take credit for someone elses donations so they wouldnt have to use their own stash. yeah minimize the use of their own stash and use someone elses. You guys are pathetic!! everyone please repost this on all foreign govt websites..expose these pigs!

  2. why worry about "who's getting sardines & who's getting corned beef"?!? such a petty concern when everyone is starving and dying for thirst..this is one filipino mentality I don't agree the midst of calamity putting such petty concern before war of hunger is just unacceptable! DSWD bags will be discarded after opening why waste money for those bags and human effort repacking?!? when they could have use those effort distributing them.

  3. Mga Walang Hiya! Relief Goods na nga nang iba, nakuha pang akinin! Ang Galing nyo at wala talaga kayong sinaSANTO! pati Relief Goods pinagkikitaan nyo. Simple Logic, they repack it para sabihin sa kanila ng galing, tapos ang pundo na sana sila ang bumili, ehh di ibinulsa na. Sana kayong mga Kurakot nalang ang kinuha at nasawi sa Bagyo!

    This Corrupt Officials and Corrupt Government Employees are the only Filipino who are Rejoicing on this Tragedy you know why?

    1. They can Benefits lots of Money
    2.They become an instant heroes

  4. Tarantado talaga tong mga estupidong TAONG GOBYERNO na to! Ang balak talagang ilagay ng mga KUPAL na to ay mukha ni Epal Bag King Jojo Binay. Nakakahiya kayo mga TAONG GOBYERNO!!! KAHIHIYAN KAYO NG BANSANG PILIPINAS!

  5. Hindi naman po siguro tanga yung mga foreign countries no, para magpadala ng expired na consumable relief goods. Dito nga sa city namin, eh, yung friend ko, umuwi yung kapatid galing america, nag nadala ng malalaking karton na puro canned na corned beef, pinadaan nila sa DSWD, hayy, pagdating doon, dinala daw ng MGA BUAYANG EMPLEYADO NG DSWD sa office nila, tinago, at ano ang pinalit? LOCAL NA SARDINAS. GALING NOH! YAN TALAGA ANG PINOY. Nakakahiya.Kaya nga hindi umaasenso ang pilipinas eh kahit umaraw man o bumagyo, may calamidad man o wala, lumalabas ang pag ka corrupt.

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