American Idol 2012 Finale Shocking Results

Philip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet

It was indeed a shocking result for tonight's  American Idol episode. I agree with my husband when he said yesterday that Phillip Phillips can't sing. I have been watching the show since they came up to Top 8. My bet and for sure even the judges is Joshua Ledet. This boy can really sing and I feel sorry for him not making it to the Top 2.

American Idol, really is true to its title. Phillip has captured the heart of many women and they don't mind if he can sing or not. For them that angelic smile is more than enough to vote for him as America's Idol or shall we say ''America's Darling".

Joshua, a gospel singer who receives a lot of standing ovation from the judges and the audience wasn't able to get enough votes to win over Philip, was not happy about it and I don't blame him.  Ryan Seacrest said 90 million viewer votes were cast this week.

“I just feel that we’re all winners at this point,” Ledet said before his eviction. “If I end up not making it and my friends make it, I’ll be voting for both of them.”

American Idol is not about good singing or who is the best among the best, but it is all about popularity.

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  1. Agree 100% nakakainis. binoboto yung disintinado.

  2. WGWG.. kakasawa boses.. let's help jessica win!!! would love joshua and jessica sana.. hay... (may na read ako post... all about race daw..mmmm)

  3. This time bobto na ko pati anak ko para manalo talaga si jessica.

  4. go jessica! it's a good opportunity for jessica with joshua out, talent wise...

    where's the G+ button btw? can't locate it...

  5. my g+ is floating on the left .ty

  6. I love this whole new look by the way

  7. Hope Jessica will win! :)

    'ta tess, nde nagflo-float your g+ nyo... (as in blank lang po) :(

  8. metalpig, ganun ba? ayusin ko.

  9. tess, nawala yung g+ button mo :( ni reload ko na 3x yung page, wala pa rin

  10. That's true. With these reality talent searches, it's not just about the talent, but the complete package (including, as you said, popularity).

  11. Sorry I beg to disagree. We have different tastes of music, what might sound beautiful to you does not sound beautiful to others. Competitions are competitions and they have their own structure, their weaknesses, their biases, and commercial strategies. AI has its own too whether we like it or not.

    Singing talent..I don't have any doubts that they can all sing..they just have diverse genres of music and it so happen that the two singers voted for the finale appeal more to the majority of the voting audience. Joshua is a very good singer, there's no question about it, it is only a case of 'if he wins would i like the kind of brand he would be singing?'..To me..I don't. I don't like the screaming style.

    If I listen to music, i'd rather have that soothing and cool flavour of sound. something that lightens up, something that is pure and simple. something that does not bother my senses.

  12. in phillip's defense, joshua does not have enough legwork to wiggle around. his style mostly comprises [screaming] singing his heart out, and the lyrics are lost in all this ruckus

  13. It was truly saddening on my end since I was routing for both Jessica and Joshua to make it to the final two. I mean, I also like Philip but I feel that Joshua would've been more deserving to go head-to-head with Jessica. :)

  14. always expect the unexpected :) Oh well i just hope jessica wins! :)

  15. I wish Jessica wins, but I like Philip too since he's such an original. But like you, I wish Joshua would've made it to the finale. I think it'd be more interesting to see Jessica and Joshua who are both vocally talented, competing for the title.

  16. Agree!!! its just like any other contests here in the philippines, its mainly about votes!

  17. America got tired of listening to Joshua's screeching... This season is definitely unpredictable... :)

  18. If we talk about talent, it's joshua and jessica!

  19. jessica is amazing indeed!! kit my sore throat n aus prin! xx

  20. I don't think Phillips can't sing. He can definitely sing but only a different genre compared to Jessica and Joshua. I like Phillips' cool type of music and I can see charisma in him. As for Ledet, I got tired of his constant shouting in the show. I don't like what he did with " You Raise Me Up" and "Imagine" when he belted them out in his own style. The essence of the song wasn't there anymore, only Ledet's shouting. In fairness to him, I believe he is a great singer.As for Jessica, I love hER and I am hoping she'll win.

  21. I will always be praying that Jessica wins!

  22. I thought Joshua and Jessica would be on the finale but I guess I got one of them right. ^_^

  23. I agree AI is about talent plus popularity, and i know Jessica has both! :)

  24. I used to like Ledet but the screaming got into me and didn't enjoyed his performances anymore. Phillips is the guy as per Randy who didn't cared on the first day but did his thing and reached the top 3 still not caring. =)) Jessica Sanchez must win! And Oh, I'm a Colton Dixon fan~

  25. I really wish for Jessica to bag this one. :)

  26. Couldn't agree with you more. It's a popularity contest, just like many singing contests here in Pinas as well. The title of the contest says it all - American IDOL. Idol doesn't mean you should be particularly good at singing. :))

    Kaya vote na for Jess! ;)

  27. I agree with AJ that it's a popularity contest, soooo, yeah, who gets the most votes at the end, wins. Pero Jessica and Philip are really deserving, but somehow, it saddens me to think that Joshua didn't make it to the finale.

  28. I agree, it has become all about popularity! Good thing Jessica created enough stir or else she wouldnt be part of top 2:)

  29. so true.. Philip's moves when he sings are so awkward.. but, that's still America's choice.. I still hope Jessica make it. :)

  30. GOOD LUCK to Jessica.
    I hope she will get the title.

  31. i think this is filipino wonder they are behind Jessica doubt she is a good singer..but is again u can see mariah carey or other on her...Philip is original and his type of music is american...n other thing, he is a musician and talented...a win to Philip 2s..

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