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If you are not an SEO expert and just an ordinary  blogger like me, commenting is one of the  easiest  way to increase  blog traffic. Be an active commenter and you will have a bigger chance to increase the blog traffic of your site. When you are writing a comment, keep in mind  that a good commenting reflects to you as a blogger and  readers will have a chance to visit  and comment back to your site too. Leaving comments on blogs that are relevant to your niche will attract even more readers .

 Here are the things to keep in mind when commenting.
1. Avoid spammy comments- Put yourself in others shoes, how would you feel if your blog receives comments like  " nice post" "nice tips" " or "thanks for posting". Don't just resort to  spammy comments. A  quality response only shows that you took time reading  the post and composing a quality response. There are some  people  who not only read the post but the comments as well. An informative and respectful  comment compel others to visit your blog .

2. Frequent Comment- One way of forming a good relationship with other bloggers is by frequent commenting. They will recognize you as a regular commenter that may lead  a way for a good relationship to other bloggers. Forming a good relationship can be an advatage, they might give you some tips and technigue on blogging, be a guest post or even  introduced you to another money making sites ,paid post and direct advertisers.

3. Create a Gravatar- Commenting is done on a computer so it is better to have a photo of you to at least get connected with other blogs you are commenting to. Gravatar, helps you being recognised by others through every comments you made thus compelling them to visit and comment to your blog too.

4. Respond to comments- Commenters usually asks question as a comment. This is  good  for your blog, questions and answers added content to your blog . Answering a question encourages  the commenters   to  go back to your site for an answer to their queries.

5. Comment Nicely-  If you don't agree with the post , make a nice comments by voicing your opinion  but say it in a nice way and not a disparaging remarks.  A debate is healthy as long as you watch your   words because it will reflect to you as a blogger . You don't want to  lose readers because of rude  and insensitive comments.
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  1. LOl... yes mam! Blogging Etiquette ba ito? :)

  2. Very helpful tips. I love practicing those commenting ethics since it is really helping.

  3. or just share something you know about the topic

  4. Helpful Tips, indeed. I didn;t know that having a gravatar has an impact. I should probably get one. Haha.

  5. I've been doing these and I really find it effective, not only to increase traffic but because I want to have interaction with my readers and fellow bloggers. BTW Nice tips Mom Tess ^_^

  6. Thanks Ms. Tess for this very relevant tips... will definitely help us boost our traffic in the internet and make good camaraderie with co-bloggers

  7. Thank you for putting a whole new perspective in our commex activity Maam Tess. I hope everybody gets to read this.:)

  8. I must admit i'm still new to blogging. Before I used to leave short comments like 'thank you for this', 'nice posts' etc. but after reading this, it gave me ideas how to become a better blogger (not just a commenter). Anyway, this post is really helpful. thank you so much. Keep on posting tips like these and I will definitely visit from time to time. : )

  9. I'm one of those who know little about SEO, hence, I rely on social media and blog commenting. I agree with the list - forming a good relationship with other bloggers really help SEO-wise.. not to mention the friendships that can be formed during the process, now that's priceless.

  10. This is a very helpful post, Ms Tess. I agree that comments should add relevance to the post and because of that, I will surely comment more often. Thanks:)

  11. Commenting was my main tool for SEO when I was still a newbie in blogging. That was when social networks were unheard of.

    A good comment will either create curiosity or provide additional inputs to the topic.

  12. I need this a lot. Lol commenting is one of the ways to either make or break "friendship", even through bloggers. Helpful post!

  13. Great suggestions. It is important indeed to add value to the conversation and topic at hand.

  14. I'm very new to blogging, and I thank you for these useful tips. :)

  15. I recently became more active in participating in FBW group activities and I am really enjoying reading so many blogs. I am enjoying my blog hopping. :)

  16. it's a good way to find new friends and new followers through commenting. Hope you can also join our green monday meme at

    thanks much.

  17. I really believe that commenting can be a tool in establishing relationships with fellow bloggers online, based on my personal experience. =)

  18. Yeah! agree. Comment exchange have had helped me a lot to understand and do serious blogging. It helped my site improved as well. Thanks also for sharing these info.

  19. Good ways to benefit your blog and to make friends as well. Unfortunately I don't have a gravatar yet. :D

  20. just be sensible enough when leaving comments.

  21. I wish everyone would do the same. These are really good tips to have and if everyone were to follow, then the blogging world would be a much better place.

  22. I agree as commenting helped a lot in increasing my alexa rank. Thanks for reminding me to reply on the comments on my blog. :)

  23. These are indeed helpful tips in blog commenting, gaining blog followers and friends too.

  24. You can add open comment which are comments that results to a good conversation.

  25. This post is really helpful especially to those who wanted to gain more blog traffic like mine. ^_^

  26. Bago ang Lahat. Paalam King of Comedy.
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  27. to have more traffic you must pay, nakakapagod din lagi ang free lalu na kung mag isa ka lang. pansinin ninyo si Jollibee consistent sa commercials, Napapansin nyo pa ba si Tropical Hut? may alam ako na mura pero 2-3 months bago mag take effect mga 1,200 or 1,300 ata, dapat may paypal kayo.

  28. Aww. Sometimes I don't reply to comments. I love leaving comments when I like the article but most of the time, I just read. hehe. :)

    By the way, kinda off-topic but, dengue fever is very rampant these days, let's all take care! :)

  29. Commenting may serve as backlinks to your site.. so it is good.

  30. Thanks for your additional information,,

  31. These days, blog comments will do what it supposed to do. Unlike in previous months or years that commenting is done for seo purposes hence a lot of spam comments has been received by blog moderators but today due to google penguin updates, blog commenting is no longer the primary method in seo so spam comments has been minimized and only useful comments now is made to every blog posts.

  32. Thanks for sharing! It helps a lot. We must value every post. :)

  33. Thank you very much. I'm new at blogging world. Thanks for sharing a useful tip.

  34. Now I know..hehe By the way previously there are many anonymous commenting on my blog I think 10 to 15 comments a day in different post. What are the advantage or disadvantages if I accepted those comments? tnx Their last comment is link to their site like bla bla bla here's my site ................

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