Basic Yet Overlooked Tweaks That Enable Social Shares To Reach It's Peak

Rhymes...Rhymes...Rhymes..., my title seems poetic isn't it?  What I have for you in this article are simple tips and tweaks that you can do with your social media sharing buttons and icons that can surely make an impact to your blog/website's social  "shareabality" and reach.

This post is actually inspired by you, my fellow Filipino bloggers. As a member of numerous groups on Facebook that gear towards leveraging social community and engagement, I have seen numerous blogs that are quite awesome with jaw dropping photos that are really worth sharing within the community. But the problem is, your social sharing buttons are not appealing and visible enough for your readers (like me) to share your contents within their circle of friends and community. Meaning to say, I wanted to share your post, article or content, but your own social sharing buttons won't allow me to!.
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The Problems (that makes your reader or user not to share your worth sharing blogpost).

Problem 1). When I click the twitter button, it brings me to the twitter sharing page where the only thing I see is the URL of the blogpost. No title. No text. No info where the post came from or who wrote it the least.

Problem 2). I can't find the social sharing buttons/icons. I am confused!

Problem 3). Too much and too many social sharing buttons. I am confused!

The Tweaks (that will surely shoot up your social shareablity along with bringing fresh traffic and earnings as well).

Solution For Problem 1). Customize your twitter sharing button. Some plugins come with their own customized code that you should edit and tweak to cater your blog. Some of them need to have your personal website url and your very own twitter name at the code. Be sure to check them or look at the plugin/widget's documentation to properly know how to set them up.

Solution For Problem 2).
Keep your social sharing buttons/icons prominently placed or located at your blog where it can be seen at first glance. Either place the button under the post title, at the side (scrolling or floating) or at the end of the post. This is much better than placing them within 2 clicks such as using plugins that hide it from the naked eye. For example, if you are using a plugin that uses a button that will display all of your social sharing buttons only if its clicked. Furthermore, it is best to have a call to action close to your buttons that says "Share This Article To Your Friends and Foes" or something like that.

Solution For Problem 3). Keep it simple as much as possible, one to two SETS of social sharing buttons are enough. But having 3 or more are a bit too much. Need no more explanation here.

For sure some of you will say, "that's basic enough and it's a COMMON SENSE sort of thing!" But always remember the saying "Common sense is not common nowadays". Thanks for reading. Hope you find this article worth sharing!

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Ron Leyba is a Filipino Blogger And Optimizer. He loves Filipino chicken recipes and his all time favorite is the world famous Chicken adobo.
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  1. Wrey and Robby, what problem po ba? I mean , di ma click, di mag increase yung counts?

  2. I super agree with your post! less buttons is better! :)

  3. The social media sharing buttons of my blog is located at the end section of every posts, similar to the location of the social media sharing buttons on this blog.

    At the end of the post is the most appropriate location, I think, because most readers decide to share or bookmark an article after having read the post.

  4. I also try to monitor the peak hours and most of the time, I notice more hits when I share posts around 10 am onwards then most interactions are done after work hours or some like me do it early in the morning.

  5. nice post here really helpful..really lazy here about est zone time converting hahahaha.. ano ba sa Filipino Time yan. anyway.. i have learn that sharing is best midnight towards morning.. well especially on digg and stumbleupon.. i will have to tweak my blog with the tips mentioned here.. thanks again

  6. True. Most twitter share are on default and others whom want to tweet the article might end up tweeting the wrong link (as some of the urls cannot be accomodated on the # of characters). Sharing buttons, when properly configured, will always intensify the power of your post/article.

  7. To Be honest I Didn't look to Social Media but this post changed my point of View. Thanks for being such a great author. Keep the Good things up.

  8. will take note of these info, I especially need it when I need to promote a particular post.

  9. Thanks for the pointers. I remember my friend getting pissed off at a certain blog because aside from the social buttons above and below the post, there was also a floating bar :D

  10. Cool cool cool! These are all new to me. Thanks!

    Rizza (beingwell)

  11. Less number of buttons, less distractions, better blog-reading experience. :D

  12. This is kinda new to me considering I've been blogging for quite sometime now.

    Yet I agree with some that less is more. :D

    One more question, does the picture depicts worldwide users?

  13. mommy tess! thanks for the tips! :)

  14. true! some buttons are just hard to find. thanks for these tips!

  15. I smile while reading this post. Lots of blogs do and overlooked these problems. In addition, I personally don't like redirecting social sharing buttons. For example, before you tweet a post, you need to authorize or sign-up for that particular third party service just to tweet the post. Very tedious. In my opinion, using official buttons from the social networks is much better. But in exception to that, i like AddThis' service since I don't have any bad experience with it.

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