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Blog Name: Filipino Blogger on New Media | Jerome Ibuyan
Category/Niche: Blogging and Social Media

About the Blog:

With hopes to become a writer, Jerome started a free-hosted blog to practice his writing skill. Later on, he got indulge about blogging itself, so he decide it to become a repository of what he learns in the new media industry. In his blog, you'll find essential blogging tips in the context by a Filipino blogger.

About the Blogger:

Jerome is a 27 year old Computer Science graduate who have a great thirst for knowledge. Mostly, he spend his time reading online articles and books. In addition, he loves to listen to different kinds of music, as what he also shares in social networks.

Inspiration Behind:

At first, Jerome's inspiration was just to write his experience but today, he is inspired of his readers, especially those who take their time to leave smart comment.

In addition, he was deeply influenced by his favorite blogger, Brian Clark.

Favorite blog post:

From Waiting Tables to Writing: Basic Blogging Lessons I Learned as Restaurant Staff - This is one of his well-thought posts, which is based from his past experience working in a restaurant. The lessons are little basic but they're indispensable if you want your blog to stand out.

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  1. Wow! CS graduate pala sya. :)
    Thank you for sharing this, atleast nakikilala natin ng mas maigi mga bloggers :)

  2. I might check the favorite blog post because it sounds interesting to me.

  3. Love to know more bloggers. Blogging is one way of making new friends.

  4. comsci turned blogger. i love his course! great feature btw! more please :D

  5. I'm glad that you're making these posts. It's nice discovering other bloggers. Going to drop by his site after this to read the article you linked above :D

  6. More and more people are hopping into the blogging world! And as a blogger, it's nice to know that a lot of Filipinos are becoming interested to blog. :)

  7. Big thank you M'Tess for the opportunity to get featured and to all commenters, you rock guys! =)

  8. Nice to know the background of the bloggers. =)

  9. go Jerome more power to you

  10. Wow Jerome! Congrats sa feature!

  11. Congrats on being featured!!

  12. As a 27 yrs old blogger, you are really good in making your article. It is fun to read. Filipino blogger really rocks!

  13. It's always great to get to know a fellow FBW in a more in depth manner. A very captivating personality and a blogger worthwhile of being followed, which I've done in different social media!

    More power to FBW, and to you, Mr. Jerome Ibuyan!

  14. I like the correlation he made between blogging and waiting tables.

  15. I really love visiting Sir Jerome's page because his tips are really easy to follow and beautifully written. I bookmarked some of his posts and his 37 Smart Tips for Better Blogging Experience is my favorite post. =)

  16. congrats to Jerome! he owns a good writing skill, the reason why many of his posts are being copied. keep it up!

  17. Ako I aim the be blogging to the bank. haha mag eexcell din ako sa blogging. Btw nice share tnx

  18. congratulations for being featured ! :)

  19. Gusto ko din ma feature wahahaha... Kakaingit maganda pala mafeature may parang bio data.

  20. You're another great blogger Jerome!

  21. Good that they're starting young. Continue writing Jerome!

  22. wow, congrats! nice to see blogs such as this.inspiring indeed!

  23. Wow! So nice to see your blog here, Jerome! :) You truly deserve this feature :)

  24. Parang gusto ko na din sumali dito. Pwede pa ba? :)

  25. Wow! Nakakatuwa naman you have this featured blogger thing. :) Sana in time I will be one. Haha. Ilusyunada lang ang peg.

  26. this is what i miss about blogging and bloggers, before we used to blog about our experience, we are all sincere about what we say and you'd really know it's from the heart, but nowadays? you see people blogging about commercial stuff.

  27. happy to meet you , here and congratz ! :)

  28. Congrats! it is nice to know that you are sharing what you have experience so pips like me will learn also.

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