Bradley Winning Over Pacquio, Best Decision the Judges ever did for Boxing

Photo by Chris Carlson

The controversial split decision  maybe unfair on Manny Pacquio's part  but was one of  the best thing  that ever  happened for boxing. Everybody was expecting Pacquiao to win  over Bradley but it was the other way around. What just had happened create different reactions to  Filipino people.  As expected,  the verdict  made the people talked more  about it  when the  fight ended.

The rematch was planned and scheduled already before the fight. The more controversy the decision was,  the bigger   the chance of bringing in more money. This rematch will be bigger than the last fight. Bradly will prove he deserves the title while Manny on the other hand will do everything to get his title back.

If Bradley, make it on the rematch, he will  be the new boxing hero. His winning  was doubted but this rematch is his chance to prove that the title is really meant for him. To Pacquiao, the rematch, win or lose will probably be his last fight and definitely  more millions for his pocket.

November 10  is another date to  look forward to. A rematch that would  bring a lot of money  for pay-per-view,  paid gate and  more write ups for the media and bloggers.
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  1. talino organizers.. parang tele serye/reality tv! lol!

  2. I stopped following Pacquiao when he ran for office... Yah I think he's really good at boxing but I think he should retire... Grab the title back first, THEN retire.

  3. Pacquiao has so many distractions. He should focus on boxing if he wants to stay competitive. He slowed down in the latter rounds giving Bradley a chance to catch up.

  4. Life is not always about winning. Pacquiao deserves to lose and Bradley deserves a chance to become famous just like what Pacman achieved :D

  5. I am so sure that Manny Pacquiao won. Hahaha. Di ko natanggap na natalo sya kaya napainom ako bigla at naglasing. Tsk.

  6. The Nevada State Athletic Commission will do a review of the fight. Hopefully there would be clarifications.

  7. im pretty sure sa nov. 10, wala na namang traffic sa labas! :)

  8. The rematch is Pacquiao's golden chance for redemption. It would be nice if he retires with a big win.

  9. it's all about the money and it was way too obvious, they didn't even care what the people might say or think!

  10. Classic.. now boxing slowly become a wrestling match! :)
    Undertaker is on his way! ^_^

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