3 Must Know Facts about Quiapo Church

Situated in the heart of a busy square of Quiapo, The Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene which is also called Saint John the Baptist Parish is what people would most fondly call as the Quiapo Church.  Being built in 1586, the said church is not only famous for its historical and religious significance but of its unique features as well. As you read this blog post, you would sooner or later discover 3 among the must know facts about this church. So just sit back, relax, enjoy and be entertained.

Fact Number 1 – The surroundings of the church is a home of several fortune tellers – Some people may think of their existence as an act against the church but for someone who would want to gain an experience about what most people think about their future, visiting the church site for site seeing and fortune telling sessions would be an additional experience that they could try.

Fact Number 2 – The Quiapo church have wondrous stories to tell – If the said church could only talk, it surely relay every experience that it was able to face for decades. Historians indicate that over the years, the church evolved from a typical looking “nipa and bamboo “shelter to a Mexican baroque edifice which experienced calamities such as fire, earthquakes and even being robbed.

Fact Number 3 - It is a home of Faith – Since it is known to be the home of the Miraculous Black Nazarene image. Each year, hundreds and even millions of Devotees coming from all parts of the country would gather on a procession to celebrate “The Black Nazarene’s Feast Day”. As per record, the said celebration is known to be one among the biggest celebrations that are commemorated by most devotees.  People would normally attend a procession in honor of the image as it is believed to bring good luck and healing if one is able to get hold any part of the image.

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  1. thank you sis for sharing this post about the famous church

  2. I've been to this Church only once. There were fortune teller surrounding this church indeed, among street vendors.

  3. I hope someday I could set my foot on Quiapo and Manila in general.

  4. I was here last 2007,been so long but I can still picture out the place itself(outside and inside the church). I miss this church so much.

  5. quiapo church is one of the most beautiful churches ive ever seen. :) if the church is not that busy or crowded, i could choose it for my wedding :)
    The Bargain Doll

  6. I've only been to this church once before, and there are certainly a lot of intriguing fortune tellers around the church. :P

    Thanks for sharing great trivia about the place. :D

  7. The Quiapo church is really a heritage site. I was able to visit it before when I was still taking my review for the CPA board exam.

  8. I've known Quiapo for so many years but I haven't seen it personally and someday, when I go back to Manila, I hope my family has a plan to visit Quaipo.. I like the facts by the way! Thanks! :D

  9. I have heard a lot much about Quiapo church too. I think it's one of the famous Catholic Church that Philippines were surely proud of. I am not catholic, therefore, I don't have an excuse to visit the place. Maybe for exploring and searching, maybe I will.

  10. I haven't been there, I hope I can visit the church one of these days..

  11. Before, I lived in Quiapo and I very agree with your fact number 1. There are really many fortune tellers there and it is up to everyone if they will believe in these people. I just hope that they will respect the church.

  12. I only set my foot on this historical church once and that was years ago during our educational tour.

  13. Great info about Quiapo church. I haven't been inside this church, we just passed by it whenever we go to Manila. I hope to visit this church one day.

  14. I've been to Quiapo Church many times and attended masses din when I'm in Manila. Isang sakayan lang kasi ang Quiapo from the hotel so; accessible talaga. Never tried palm reading :-) but, bumibili ako nang mga imahen for the folks back in CDO.

  15. Glad to have set foot in Quiapo Church..It is truly one of the places where devotees love to go. I have not seen fortune tellers though when we were there..probably I was just too busy and too excited :). Thanks for sharing all these facts.

  16. never been there yet but i heard so much about that church and seen it on the news too. As far as i know pacman goes to that church whenever he has fights.

  17. Wow, thanks for sharing such information about this church which is already considered a beautiful spot in our country. Sadly, I have not yet been to this church yet.

  18. i hope someday I can visit this church

  19. Quiapo Church will always be special to me because it houses the Black Nazarene which I have a special devotion to. Quiapo was like a second home to me during my childhood since our restaurant was located here.

  20. My mom used to take me there often when I was younger. Now, I need to take my daughter there....

  21. I'm not a Catholic but I've been to this church a lot of time already. :)


  22. Wow that is an amazing facts to learn about the Quiapo church. I never been there...

  23. Thanks for sharing these facts about Quiapo. I stayed in Manila with my aunt and we would go to Quiapo para mamalengke. Such a busy place it is.

  24. I used to see Quiapo church when I was still in college but I never had the experience to hear mass. I only pray and leave the church right away. Even though, it's located in the busy district of Manila, you can still feel the serenity and peace when you are inside the church.

  25. This is one historical and pride of Philippines... thanks for the info!

  26. quiapo church is one of the most beautiful churches ive ever seen.hope i could visit there someday.thanks for share.

  27. Good to know about Quiapo Church.Luks like a nice place.Hope to visit there someday

  28. I've only been around the vicinity of the Quiapo church, but have never really ventured to go inside. Shame on me :). Seems I've been missing out on a lot of history.

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