3 Great Things to Enjoy at Anawangin Cove

This crescent shaped cove that is filled with great wonders of nature such as unique white sandy beach surrounded by the spectacular view of pine tree forests, marshes and mountains that are inhabited by numerous species of birds is a must see site which most bloggers love to talk about when visiting Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales. It is  true that this place offers  promising surprises to every visitor, but  what we will share you at the moment is a combination of the must try experiences  when visiting Anawanging Cove plus the expected sites to enjoy.

To begin with, boating would be one of the most obvious must try experience when visiting the said natural wonder simply because there are only two ways to get into the site. You may either choose to go on foot or take a 30-minute boat ride from Pundaquit before reaching the shores of Anawangin.

Next would be hiking - If you are someone who loves to hike and have a trek through forests and mountains, getting to the Cove through a 6 hour walk within the Pundaquit range would also be a great experience. Here you could enjoy being close to Mother Nature as you pass by several pine forests filled with huge pine trees that are called “agoho” by the locals .

Finally, you could also enjoy wading along the seaside – Compared to other beaches, the locals of Zambales are very proud of the shimmering white sand along the shores of the said cove. According to the beach personnel, the white sand originated from the combination of ashes and “lahar” that came out of Pinatubo during its eruption. Thus, nature itself sprinkled the wonderful benefit of sulfur to your skin through the sand.
So if you are someone who either loves extreme nature tripping, then these three activities would surely make your “Anawangin Cove- Experience” be filled with great sites to see and wonderful experiences to share.

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  1. Whenever I hear Anawangin, I always remember how beautiful it is to look at! The picture itself is enough for me to be amazed. I've always wanted to visit Anawangin but I do hope to have lots of money to make it possible.. :D

  2. I was able to visit Anawangin several years ago and it's really amazing and pristine. The fine sands, the waters, the adjoining islands and the trees and attractions inside were just the perfect retreat.

  3. I have been to Zambales lots of times, mainly to enjoy its beaches.
    Zambales has a very long coastlines..
    Probably the reason why I havent been to Anawangin as of yet.
    Zambales is becoming a great place to surf and enjoy music cool music. :)

  4. Aawww! hindi na kami natuloy-tuloy ng pagpunta diyan kasi ang layo daw, walang gustong mag drive, pero dati yun nung wala pang SCTEX, kaya hopefully matuloy na kami this summer kahit ako na ang mag drive papunta diyan.

  5. all of those sounds great! would love to try the hiking and boating if ever!! they sounds like very interesting to do in that particular place! xx

  6. Anawagin has nice beach to offer. Correct me if I'm wrong, mat cave dyan na pinupuntahan din ng mga local tourists.

  7. It's my first time to read about Anawagin and I'm surprised that there's also white sand beaches in Zambales. I hope to visit this place soon :)

  8. the spot is really wow... it seems so private, malayo lang from our place... but who knows... someday i'll visit this someday with my family. Yahweh bless.

  9. after years of reading about this place in blogs... it still continues to wow me. I hear its still as nice as it was years ago (not too much development)... and still a great place to visit. nice!

  10. Been there just last week, I can say that the island is still beautiful. We really had a great time.

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