Janet Jackson Converted to Islam to Marry a Qatari Billionaire

Singer Janet Jackson, 46 is officially engaged to Wissam Al Mana, a 37 year old Qatari billionaire after two years of dating. The $20 million worth grand wedding is going to be held in the oil rich country of Qatar on spring 2013. All the guests will be flying on a private jet.

Wissam is one of the richest investors in the Middle East. His family is a well known family in Qatar who has over 50 companies in the Gulf region from media, automotive distribution, real estate, food services, retail, engineering and construction. He runs Al Mana Luxury Company, where he acts as director of fashion portfolios, along with his two brothers. He is also one of the a shareholder in the Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Dubai, Doha, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Janet Jackson already converted to Islam in preparation for her wedding. Wissam gave her a huge and expensive ring that Janet locked up because she's to afraid it will get lost.

Janet has been married twice before, to dancer/songwriter Rene Elizondo (1991-2000) and James DeBarge (1984-85). Wissam plans to have kids but “If she can’t have them, she will adopt.”

Hoping for their marriage to last.

Janet wearing a hijab: headscarf worn by Muslim women and an abaya (cloak): 
a black, loose over-garment robe-like dress, worn by Islamic women.

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  1. money can influence almost anything, I guess... *just kidding* but in a way it's kinda true... politicians use it to influence the masses... using it to influence someone's belief is a possible...

  2. wow that sounds really amazing! indeed a billionaore with all the guest fliyng on a private jetplane! fingerscrossed if it will really last though, hehe God Bless them!! ANd congratulations ot both of them xx

  3. It's funny how people allows money to control their life. When it should be your life which controls the money. Thanks for sharing anyways.

  4. I hope they are really in love and will have a lifetime relationship. I also hope that religion will make Janet a better person.

  5. While I have nothing about people converting from one religion to another, I hope that it will make her a better person. May their love last a lifetime. :)

  6. Janet is so practical. She knows what she has been doing. A very good decision for her... :)

  7. It's very odd that one just change religious belief like that... Money or Love.. I don't know...

  8. Converting to another religion is a very personal decision which only the person involved can truly answer why he/she is doing it. While it is okay for some couples to have different religions, it can be quite confusing to children. Sometimes, it is too easy to judge other people.From a woman to a woman, I hope Janet Jackson finally finds the happiness she is looking for in marriage.

  9. Oh well lets just be happy for Janet and wish her all the best! :)

  10. If converting to another religion will make Janet happy, then I don't see nothing wrong about it. But if she's doing it for the money, that's another thing. I am hoping that they're really in love and that their marriage will last a lifetime.

  11. It's not religion that determines happiness anyway, I think; it's faith, hope, and love that matters :) Hope she finds much more happiness in life! She hasn't exactly been very lucky in that department.

  12. I hope the case here is "in the name of love" and not "for the sake of money". Anyway, wishing them good luck.

  13. Hope their relationship last. Changing religion in the name of love is a big decision.

  14. Janet is Mormon, so shes converting from one cult to another. It won't last, the marriage that is. We pray one day she and all others will finally find the TRUTH, in our Lord Jesus Christ..the only one who can grant salvation, not the fake man made ISLAM, and the prophet who was 55 and deflowered a 9 yr old (may he rot in hell). The quran is full of lies also, scientific ones too..i..e the testes is located on the back, between the kidneys n midback..sorry, as a man i know that's wrong..God can not be wrong, so the quran is not of God. Also, Muhammed copied inaccuracies from Aristotle 250 yrs prior...may have worked, had Aristotle been correct..God bless you all, don't worry about Janet, shes lost, always has been, still is and hopefully will keep searchin tilll she Finds JESUS!

  15. @Anonymous your the true difinition of a NUT CASE

    Anyway congrats to the beautiful couple.

  16. i dont understand why ppl have to change their religion to marry someone else...what cant u accept the person as he/she is...strange world

  17. Hope she's happy. Changing religions just to get married is a bit much but I suppose she knows what she's doing.

    But I have to admit the "to marry a billionaire" makes her look bad. I'm not saying she's doing it for the money, it just looks bad lol.

  18. All I wish is the best for their new path. Hopefully this will not just for about a week or days like other celebrities.

    (I commented before this I don't know if it went through or not, it just says error so I just redo it to make sure.)

  19. I think two years of dating is enough time to make a sound decision.. all the best to these two lovebirds. :)

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