Dellwood Park, Mt. Pleasant, Texas

After a month of moving to a new state and days of looking for a park for my son to play with, I finally found one not far from my place. My son played there and met a lot of children his age. It is a big and nice playground and walking path for the adults.

Dellwood Park is the pride Mt. Pleasant. It offers playgrounds, walking paths, exercise areas, swimming pool, baseball fields, tennis courts, hotel, cafĂ© and a Boy Scout "hut". There is a running path stream and  covered picnic tables & grills for everybody to enjoy. Visitors can enjoy the springs by just watching them quietly flow.

The park was developed in the early 1890's to exploit the area’s natural mineral springs, which was believe to have curative properties. The waters were promoted by local doctors as having the ability to cure intestinal ailments. Much of the parks 210 acres were later developed as a housing project, with the city purchasing 45 acres for use as a public park.

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  1. I miss visiting parks with nature as its backdrop. Parks here are more of the regular cemented playground ones.

  2. preho nga pla taung lipat bahay mam tess haha! Lucky you found a place for your kids to have fun and play. I always bring my daughter to KLCC park They have huge playgrounds and swimming also. Just sad that we're not allowed to ride a bike. xx

  3. The place is such a big park and a good playground for kids. For sure your son truly enjoyed the moment he was there along with his same age playmates.

  4. The park seems a healthy place to play, jog , and walk. Love the calmness and scenery of the park.

  5. It's good to know that you found a great park for your kittle one to play :) It is really a big park. Hehe

  6. nice that you have found yourself a really nice park..
    its especially good for children having to know a place they can explore on their own

  7. Looks like a good place for picnics. I bet your kids will really enjoy the place. I just love how the park turns red during winter.

  8. Is it there were the sassy girl american version were taken, it looks like it, great for dating.

  9. Park such as you mentioned that is 45 acres wide is really big. I always remember parks that me and my girl usually visits. Its the same as what Mt. Pleasant has. A playground for kids, gardens that are ideal for picnics, boating lagoons, swimming pools and other amenities. And also not far from our house.

  10. I now have more reasons to visit you (given the lovely and child-friendly park), Ms. Tess.. should I finally get that chance to go to the US. My family lives in Houston actually. :)

  11. Wow. Ganda ng new place ninyo. A park near home is always a plus for your kids and you. You and your kid [he looks so cute sitting on that bridge by the way... nag-mu-muni-muni lang..] can spend a nice day together. Picnic or playing sa park. Thank you for sharing the pics!

  12. Happy to hear na may nakita ka ng Play and Nature Park for your kid. Ang laki, I am pretty sure ma feel-at-home ang mga kids dyan.

  13. Beautiful park it is. I hope those vacant lots in our country instead of being a trash ground or something, should be developed like the one above for the citizens to make use.

    Btw, good to hear as well that your son is enjoying the park, Madam.

  14. Wow! what a nice place to unwind and have picnic with family and friends, with that area size and lots of amenities to explore I think one day would not be enough to enjoy everything that place could offer.

  15. Probably the nearest decent park here in the country would be Rizal Park if it wasn't for abusers and those who take advantage whenever there is an event. Other than that, Dellwood Park is a nice place to take your children to and take a lot of pictures.

  16. This post reminded me of the things that i used to do when I was still a kid, that is visiting the nearest park in our place and playing with friends. I hope your kids will have a wonderful time when he's at Dellwood.

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