Google Page Rank Update Schedule for 2013

Google Page Rank is very important for sites and blogs. Page Rank update happens every 3 to 4 months. It is an automatic system that depends on quality links pointing your main domain. A single link from a high PR blog can change your rank from 0 to 4. Google PR basically ranks a page on the basis of its back links and how authoritative that link is.

Google's 2012 page rank updates was on February, May, August, and the last was on November 2012.

Here is the copy of 2013 Google Page Rank expected date if you want to keep track it.

1st Update: January 28 to February 6

2nd update: June 27 to July 7

3rd Update: September 29 to October 4

4th Update: December 24 to  December 29

Good luck on the next Google Page rank update.

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  1. aww goodluck to all of us Mam tess! will remember this dates hehe.. xx

  2. looking forward for next PR update,previous one was good for my blog :)

  3. i ust hope my PR will increase on this year :)

  4. Thanks for the information, I should take a note of this updates. Hopefully my blogs will get higher PR.

  5. Noting these updates though I'm not that particular with pagerank but let's see what happens in the next updates.

  6. Ya you are right, one single link of high pr blog can bring a site from bottom to top.

  7. kailangan na palang mag link building :)

  8. Whenever Google updates pag ranks, I have a mixed emotions.. Excited and scared lol. Good luck to us!

  9. Oh, thanks for the dates! I was really eager to know when was the next update. Hey, where did you get these dates? Just curious! I must say, you depend it from last year. I see. Well, I hope i can get any updates this year...hoping for the better though.

  10. Great post ... now I can keep track of the next upcoming pr update. Thank you for sharing. xx

  11. Oh!! good luck to us, I really hope that Mr Google will be kinder to my blog this time..

  12. Thanks for this, so I can know what to expect

  13. Hhhhmmmm! I have a brandnew blog and hope it will earn some pagerank and hope i will get pr3 too

  14. seriously guys, are you still that worried about your pagerank... my suggestion would be to work on your content and keep blogging and the pagerank will come... ^_^

  15. i will take note..nice post

  16. Oh, now I don't know what to feel as the coming date of the PR update nears. I dread it at the same time I fear for it. LOL. Sana naman yung mga PR0 ko uunlad. Haha. Good luck to us all! Thanks for this date, sis!

  17. need na naman pala magcomment and to spread a link

  18. I try my best to concentrate on writing since it is possible we can get frustrated by the pagerank. There really is no easy way to get a high pagerank.

  19. Crossing my fingers on this Google Page Rank update. I just hope mine will increase.

  20. I hope to get my PR back in the next update. All my bogs were PR 2 but now they are all PR 1.

  21. I hope my blog's PR would level up. It's stuck at PR 1 :-) Thanks for the heads up here.

  22. Can't wait till next update, I'm pretty excited! Goodluck everyone.

  23. New to blogging. Working hard for my blog. Hope will get the result.

  24. Will take note of these dates :) felt nervous pag nag tse tsek ako ng PR :)

  25. Good Luck all the bloggers... including me too. Hope my TrechGYD will also gain any pagerank :-)

  26. Let's see who will get Pagerank and who drop their Rank.

  27. I do not know how but apparently i missed the last update in december. hope the next one which is expected in february will bring some happiness:)

  28. I actually felt the Jan update on my hubpages account. It wasn't a big change though. For my local blog, some of my keywords moved a bit but nothing major as well.

  29. It's scary!I really I really hope I improve my page rank this next update

  30. Google has updated the pagerank today!!

  31. Google has updated the pagerank on 4th feb

  32. Good Luck all the bloggers... including me too. Hope my will also gain any pagerank :-)

  33. good luck guys.. I hope my blog will too come in PR list..

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