How Skills In Article Writing Can Make You Money Even Without Self-Owned Blog Or Website

A lot of people think that without any kind of website or blog, you can't monetize your skills in article writing online. That is a wrong kind of thinking though because, if you have the talent and skills in article writing, you can surely make money out of it. Here are some of the most popular ways.

Offer Article Writing Service/Ghost Writing

You can offer your skills and service to people or even company that are looking for part time writers or ghost writers. The money you can get from this kind of work or task depends on your level of skills, the niche or business/person you are writing for and most especially at the amount of words or time it takes to complete the job. This is the quickest and easiest way to cash in via article writing.

By the way, if you think you can start big or you already have quite good experience in article writing, check out this PROBLOGGER-" . Listed there are name of persons or companies that offers lot of jobs at different niche that you can choose from.

Write And Post Articles To Revenue Sharing Blog Or Website

You can write and post your articles to websites that pays you for the article you posted or for every views, visits, social shares or even sales your article generated. Websites that offer such kind of thing are popularly known as revenue sharing site. Some of the popular ones are, and the rapidly growing

Make An E-book And Sell It Online

If you are an expert or you got great knowledge in a certain niche, why not write an e-book about it. For example, If you know some natural ways to loose weight without having to buy anything, then write it out (if you can draw or include images, much better). If you think it wasn’t that easy, a simple Google search will give you a lot of results that can help. You can then sell that e-book via online forums, advertisements or even via your social networks.

I hope the above information gives you an idea or two. It can be beneficial too for people with blog or sites that can't give them immediate cash or results.

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  1. Write for other blogs as a contributor. Some people don't have enough time to write on their own blog.

  2. An ebook is a great idea. I did some ghost writing in the past but did not continue, I want my ideas to be posted in my blogs lol.

    Off topic ate, is Bubblews down today?

  3. Many people are looking for ghost writers these days since they didn't have enough time to finish their tasks. Thanks for the information, many people can benefit from this post. Especially the ones that think they can't make money because they don't know how to blog but know how to write an article.

  4. @chubskulit, oo says " Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to"

  5. that's really true. Honestly, at first i didn't have any idea about ghost writing but then i learned about it through a blogger friend and that gave me an idea that anyone can make money these days even though they don't have their own blogs so long as they have writing skills.

  6. I barely have time to blog on all my blogs. :)) I have stumbled on bubblews but for the time being it isn't for me. :P

  7. I have heard of bubble news but I never did really take a look at it. I find it better to freelance my writing skills.

  8. I already tried ghost writing which was introduced by a friend. Thanks for sharing this info and this would help me a lot because I am a beginner in blogging.

  9. I've done all of these things lol. But blogging for me or creating your own site is the most satisfying because I like knowing that I'm writing for myself and not for anyone else. Web 2.0 sites like Hubpages have been semi-profitable for me as well. I've just recently tried squidoo but so far I'm liking hubpages a lot more. I'm probably just biased though.

  10. I haven't used bubble news but I have accounts in squidoo and hubpages. I've not been able to cashout on squidoo yet because I only have 2 lenses lol but last month I got my first $50 on hubpages :).

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