Importance Of Inserting Relevant Image At Your Blog Post

An image speaks a thousand words, a very true and applicable quote especially for blog posts.

Having or inserting at least one relevant image at your blog post, no matter what the topic or how long the article is, is highly important if you want more traffic and attention. I listed few tips below in case you wanted more info about how one relevant image can bring avalanche of hits and natural links to your article or post.

Search Engine Exposure

Search engines of today do have a powerful image indexing capability that enables them to give lots of images at their image search engine result page. Google image search, for example, is a huge traffic driving engine. You might miss the chance of getting seen at their result page if you don't have any image at your post at all.

Natural Links Resulting To Ranking And Traffic

Images at your blog post, especially if it's original and a property of yours, can give your blog or your article great links that can translate into ranking and traffic.

Your image might go viral at Pinterest, a huge image social media network that drives quality and targeted traffic to the image’s original source. That Pinterest image virality will result into lots of links (via repins) and traffic. Search engines like Google will consider this as a good signal and might place your article or blog in a higher position for the keyword or topic you are targeting at.

That is just for Pinterest alone, there are lots of social networks and media out there that might use and borrow your image in return of links and traffic.

If you have something to add with the above information, feel free to add them out at the comment section. Would love to hear something from you.

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  1. I have to agree..
    A blog post without image would be likened to a bland food.
    Something would be amiss.
    Image would also complete package.
    Humans as we are, we would always rely on vissual stimuli.

  2. I agree with this because a picture paints a thousand words. In addition, you can convey your message easily through pictures.

  3. One of my first key items is choosing the photos that would match the blog. Since it would be the one that will grab attention foe the blog while the content will have to invoke interest.

  4. agree to this! i have read some posts as well on how to optimize the photos so it will actually comes out on google image if someone search in that particualar photos. social media indeed together with pinterest is a new way to have a high rank or views hehe xx

  5. Images are indeed important, but a note on "how important": not ALL blogs benefit from being loaded with pictures.

    My real-life example would be my own blog. Some 'stories' are better told with pictures, yes, but I've found that mine are better told through words :) As a writer, I can also better express my thoughts in words as compared with images.

    Still, from an SEO standpoint, one or two images with the right keywords can only help.

  6. Linking your pictures to Pinterest is a new revelation to me. Call me a lame. Besides pictures can retain greater percentage in our memory compared to words or phrases.

  7. Very True!

    This also holds to most travel, food and especially photobloggers. ^_^

  8. it is important that your visual has something to do with what you are talking about in your post... it'll help a lot. Yahweh bless.

  9. I have been a content writer for quite a while and based on my own experiences, indeed adding photos will boost a post...provided it is deemed necessary by the author to do so. Hindi pwede lagay ka na lang ng lagay ng photos kung hindi naman RELEVANT sa article. Once, sinubukan kong lagyan ng photo ng isang celebrity na naka 2-piece bikini ang osang poem ko, asus nag-viral.. But the sad note, hindi ako happy. Dito now pumapasok yung motive mo, Are you producing posts for monetary gains or are your intention to educated your readers.

  10. I also noticed all these at my blogs.. photos are really important. Now this post makes me think to have a Pinterest account too.. :)

  11. A blog post with relevant photos will definitely attract more readers and keep them engaged :) It's always been my mantra in blogging to add a nice related photograph on every post, most especially since I'm doing food blogging ^^

  12. I at least put one image to my post so it will look real. Picture itself can also be an evidence that what you are blogging is true.

  13. Pure text, especially long ones are visually unappealing which hardly encourages readers to continue. You are right, at least one good relevant image can do wonders to an article.

  14. Images are really one of the most traffic boosting means of any blog or website. It can also be used to break long articles. It can uplift boring niche post or articles too!

  15. Agree! a blog post without any photo looks unbecoming to me.

  16. this is very true.. in my every post i see it that i was able to place a relevant picture into it so attract more readers... these images will also become your thumbnail once you share it in your social networking sites.

  17. A photo is actually the exact representation of the words in a blog post. And choosing the right photo is really important. The photo should be able to speak for itself even without the words.

  18. Yeah posts with images always work great. It's more eye catching so some people who are browsing through your stuff can actually get drawn to a post because of the thumbnail picture you use (make sure you always have one).

    And you're right about getting search engine traffic as well. Make sure that your picture has a keyword relevant name because they can bring in some traffic as well.

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