Kaangrian Falls: an Ironic Wonder of the North

“Kaangrian “----- a word which literally means “smelly place” in English is indeed an Ironic name for such a wonderful gem that lay hidden amidst the forest of Barangay Paayas Burgos, Ilocos Norte. Being known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, this multi layered waterfall forms a scenic stair like view which makes it look extraordinary. Aside from the that, Ilocanos are indeed proud to say that  such natural scenery is well preserved and taken cared of that is why there isn’t any doubt that Kaangrian Falls continues to be a must see spot when traveling to Ilocos. What we have right now is a travel guideline insight which you could use if you opt to travel town of Burgos to unveil the paradise where” Kaangrian Falls” is situated.

From Metro Manila, you could either travel by air or by land. If you choose to travel by plane, it takes 45 minutes before landing to Laoag City International Airport. Basically, several airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airline and Air Philippines have regular flights from Laoag City to Manila and vice versa.  On the other hand, if you would want to go site seeing and enjoy the scenes along the road, you could take a 12-hour bus ride from Manila to Laoag City. From the city proper, you have to once again take an approximately 1- hour travel from Laoag City to Burgos and you may ask the bus conductor to drop you at the Kaangrian Falls bus stop located just along the highway. From the highway, you can take a 5 kilometer tricycle ride to the head of the trail plus another 4 kilometer hike to the middle of the forest where you could find the spectacular falls which the locals are indeed proud of.

As a final say, we all know that the travel time from Manila to Burgos would be an arduous wait for an eagerly motivated nature tripper but once you get into the place, there is an assurance that all your stresses, pains and the feeling of being tired will all be eased out due to its jaw dropping beauty.  So witness Ilocos and witness the Ironic Beauty of Kaangrian Falls of Burgos.

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  1. Kaangrian Falls is very beautiful, If you want to see more pictures of it you can search it on Google...

  2. Very nice place! Oh no! we were not told that there is such a nice falls in Burgos, tsk tsk, sayang we missed visiting this beauty.

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