How to Get the Facebook Permalink

Some of you do not know how to get the permalink on Facebook, Pinterest, Tweeter or the URL link to your shared contest/giveaway or tweet. We can  get the Permalink of any post  under the time stamp. So to get the permalink of any post:

1.  Click on the time stamp - "4 December 2012 at 09:37"

2. Once you click on the time stamp, you will get to a new page containing only that post. Copy the URL link from the address bar of your browser.

3. Paste the URL link, "", wherever you want.

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  1. This tutorial really helps me in our syndication purposes. Kudos to FBW.

  2. This tutorial is a big help to all FBW members especially the newbies.

  3. nice tutorial! not so many people know about this one! even on twitter too! xx

  4. Thank you very much for the great share, will definitely implement this on my fb and blog.

  5. this is helpful esp. for newbies ...this could be the same with twitter..thanks for sharing:)

  6. It always makes me happy and proud if I know new things especially a big help for my journals. Thank you for the tip :-)

  7. it took a while before I figured out how to get the permalink in FB.. good thing you posted something like this, newbies won't have a hard time getting the FB permalink.

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