An Open Letter To Gardenia

ATTN: Gardenia Philippines

I'm a loyal consumer of your product for so many years already and I love your loaf bread, really. However, I would like to express my DISGUST when I saw this unknown insect embedded in one of the slices. I am providing photos as proof that this have happened inside your factory, there is no way that I planted this and I have no reason to do that. All I want is to enjoy my breakfast. Honestly, I'm devastated that I might have eaten the other half of the insect's wings because it's obviously cut by the machine together with the bread.

Back in college, we went to your production plant as part of our field trip. I was amazed knowing that you are ISO certified as well. I can't believe that your QA overlooked this. I've been trying to call your hotline but maybe you relied on your operator system too much or probably because it's a Sunday and no one's in the office today.

I am more than willing to send you this particular slice of bread so you could see for yourself. I cannot find any email address to send you photos in better quality than this photo collage. I just used iPhone BTW, but I did my best to take clear shots.

I am writing this to also share awareness to other consumers that by any chance they experience the same incident, they might want to speak up as well. I know this might cause a bad publicity to your brand but such customer complaint will surely improve the business itself.

And to everyone who's reading this right now, some of you will surely bash me for this but it really won't help. It was NOT YOU who ALMOST ate an insect for breakfast. I'm just disappointed, thank you for your utmost understanding.

Wilonah Chan
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  1. my goodness! yan pla ang palaman

  2. Yan pala ang sikreto ng Gardenia kaya pala masarap yung bread nila! huhuhuhuhu

  3. Oh my! I always, always buy Gardenia. After seeing this.. how will I eat Gardenia again?!! Parang kadiri na. Arrgh!

  4. I wonder if the our health department can do something about it. :/ Seems like they don't have any contact details...

  5. Okay na daw po sila ng Gardenia Phils. They were able to settle the issue based on her latest FB posts po

  6. This is an isolated case.

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