Plagiarism on "3-Year-Old Girl Wakes Up at Her Own Funeral" Article

In blogging plagiarism is rampant, most site owners who can't write and  after the Adsense earnings only, copy and paste their articles from other websites.  Plagiarism is stealing and publication of another author's articles without giving any attribution to the website. For bloggers there are ways to  avoid plagiarism by  giving  credit where credit is due. Paraphrase or rewriting is acceptable, write the idea in your own words, making  sure not to just rearrange or replace a few words. A good and honest blogger  acknowledge the source of the information by including any attribution.


PLAGIARIZED ARTICLE: copy-pasted the article from The

As of this writing updated the site by adding attribution after the copied article when the owner of the original article confronted him of stealing his article. 

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