How to submit your full blog sitemap to Google with no errors

There are plenty of ways how to submit your blog sitemap to Google and using Webmaster Tools, in fact you can Google for it and can find 1000 tutorials on this single topic. We will skip the tutorial of ADDING A SITE and SUBMISSION OF SITEMAP.

The title mentioned "full" because most of the newbie bloggers only get 26 submitted and indexed sitemaps.
Sitemap Submitted Indexed

For Blogspot users let us start by simply submitting your blog to Listings and Search Engines and set to Full Blog Feeds. The Google crawler
will never index your site unless you do the following.

Log-in to (select your blog) > Settings > Basic
Blogger Settings

Look for Privacy
Blogger Privacy
• Select "Yes" for Add your blog to our listings?
• Select "Yes" for Let search engines find your blog?
Blogger Privacy Add Search Listings

Allow Full Blog Feed
Allow Full Blog Feed
• Allow Blog Feeds set to Full


Go to Webmaster Tools (click your site to manage)

If you are new to Webmaster Tools you can find help at Webmaster FAQ

Webmaster Tools

Select your site ► Crawl ► Sitemaps

Add/Test Sitemap

For Blogs with posts less than 500 submit the code below:

For Blogs with posts less than 1000 submit this (remember to submit both)

For Blogs with posts less than 1500 submit this (remember to submit both)

To check how many blogpost you have written (select your blog) > Edit Posts > Published
Wait for 3 days for Google to crawl your entire blog.

Note: To avoid Feed Proxy Errors
Avoid putting these site maps

Instead submit this
This is the proper code to redirect Google to default Blogspot Atom Feed System.

This Tutorial is submitted by Francis Morilao for Filipino Bloggers Worldwide. You might as well visit his website Here.

Please leave a comment after you've done this successfully.
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  1. great post, though i have a question pare parehas lang ba yung isusubmit, wala nagbabago copy paste ko lang yung site feed na yan

  2. question: how many sitemaps can we put? I placed all codes available. Will this be redundant? What is the consequence? Thanks!

  3. Yes Chris kung less than 500 post ka copy paste mo lang ex:

    tapos submit po din ito:

    wait for 3-5 days at ok na yan!

  4. Hi merlmd in this tutorial you can put your full blog post in one sitemap submission, if below 500 posts ex:

    and you can also put this:

    and wait for 3-5 days for Google Crawlers to check your entire site!

    don't worry there will no redundancy, google knows that

  5. i never tried this yet but with this tutorial magawa nga. this is a big help for my blogsite.

  6. I've learn so much, but I wish there will be a version for Wordpress users. Is there any?

  7. thank you so much for this:)

  8. I think it's not necessary for blogspot users to tweak this sitemap thing cuz I presumed Google already sets everything by default in the blogger's favor. The webmasters tool, well, it might be useful for those self-hosting blogs. But thanks for the heads up. What is a blog sitemap btw?

  9. Thank you so much!!! Will try this today!

  10. I've actually submitted all my blogs' sitemaps to google but i noticed after doing so, PR for my one which is not updated regularly went down a notch. i guess when you submit a site to google, you have to religiously update your blog or else risk the PR loss.

  11. Nice! Helpful site. Thank you!

  12. THank you very much for sharing your expertise.. I hope that there is also a tutorial for wordpress user.. =)

  13. Thanks. A friend (new to blogging) and I were talking a few days ago and I told him to submit a sitemap. I'll forward this link to him.

  14. oh, this is good to know! I will definitely try doing this for my blogs!

  15. ito hinahanap kung tut, thanks for sharing bro.

  16. This may seem very basic but I've actually come across a couple of fellow bloggers who neglect these simple settings.

  17. Hi Itin to answer your question kindly check this Link

  18. Sa mga nagtatanong ng para sa wordpress, may plugin naman po para sa automatic na nagagawa ang sitemap :)

  19. Still got a lot of things to do on my Blogger site, and this is one of them! Thanks for the tutorial, makes the workload lighter :) I agree with Dada! Hoping for a tutorial for wordpress users, too :)

  20. wow, I didn't know about this. thanks for the tips :)

  21. thanks, I did as you instructed...and success! all my posts have been indexed :) Thank you!

  22. Wow congratulations merlmd! That was great, Enjoy Blogging!

  23. I have to take note of this.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  24. Hello po.

    Okay lng ba na dalawa ang inilagay ko?
    2. atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

  25. I'm using 2 sitemap.


    is it okay or not?

    Life Beyond Limits

  26. Galing. thanks for the help

  27. Gosh, thank you for this tutorials! After inactive for so long, I am now updating my blogs!

  28. URL restricted by robots.txt

  29. Aha! So glad I read the docs in FBW FB group and found this. Thank you so much for sharing! YAY~

  30. This post is worth bookmarking. I'm not sure I've been able to properly submit my site map to Google. I'll get back to this when I'm ready to do Google stuff for my blog. Thanks, Mami Tess, for sharing. :)

  31. i havent been on my blogger site in a long time because i have so many pages on the internet. i mostly promote my novel on blogger, as well as some articles in the past.

  32. How about for wordpress bloggers? Have you made a tutorial version of this post?

  33. i am using Wordpress and I use a plug-in for submitting the sitemap to Google. thanks for sharing this post to blogger users (although I assume that Blogger already has some "auto" sitemap creation for blogspot blogs because they are under Google).

  34. thanks for sharing.. but my mind is still in limbo...

  35. What a helpful tips :-) Thank you so very much. I have not try this but I will now. I really do appreciate your help.

  36. I had this done to my PR3 blogger blog and like the others it went down after some time :/ I guess the blog really needs updating, thanks for the input.

  37. this is very helpful and very informative...thanks for sharing!

  38. great article, thank you for the heads up! i will probably do this for my blog for my new domain name.

  39. Wow, I will definitely try this. My first time learning about submitting sitemap. Thanks for sharing the info.

  40. Thanks for this very helpful post, i will try to do this for my blogspot blogs

  41. interesting, i will try this later when i get the chance and if not busy. looks like it's going to help our blog

  42. hmmm I haven't tried submitting my blog.. Thanks for sharing this, I guess I have to start tweaking my blogger blog :)

  43. bookmarked, will submit sitemap for all my blogs later.

  44. Thanks for sharing this. I've been thinking to submit sitemap for my blogs but very lazy to google, I know I can find tons similar info in the internet :-) bookmarked this page :-)

  45. i already forgot how to do this... since i'm using wp now... but great job on elaborating what's important when submitting your sitemap to google.. :)


  46. This is new to me but thanks for the tips very useful :)

  47. Thanks a bunch for sharing this step-by-step instructions. A lot of bloggers will benefit from this :)

  48. I used to do this one before but it seems hard now specially I have tons of blogs...But you have a very good tips...Thanks.

  49. i have tried this one with my blogger site, but i guess i did not understand it well so it doesn't work for me, will study further if i have time.

  50. oh my this is too complicated for me, honestly. but will look into it :D

  51. So technical. Guess I'll stick to Wordpress. :)

  52. Thanks for the help admin, i kept on gettig
    error with sitemap.xml, but when i submited
    this it was accepted waiting to get indexed.

  53. I'm a Pinoy blogger based in the US. Please check out The Filipina Then and Now by Lori Clark. My articles are written for other nation's better understanding of the Filipino culture / history.

  54. very useful, thank you for your help

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