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Blog Name : Hefty Foodie
Category/Niche : Food and Drink
Blog Description : Random Food Trips with Close Friends. A blog of a foodie at heart that enjoys munching on good food more than anything else. The aim is to encapsulate the dining experiences and make it really simple for easy comprehension.

About the blogger 

I’m Eugene, a Computer Science graduate from the University of the East. I’m currently working at a Japanese Printing Company.

When I get a chance, on my free time, I schedule food trips with friends. GOOD COMPANY + GOOD FOOD = AWESOME Combination. I’m a shameless meat lover and a firm believer that EVERYTHING is better with Bacon.

What is the inspiration behind your blog and how long has it been around?

I’ve been doing food trips on a regular basis, even before I started the blog. For the longest time I didn’t want to start blogging because I feared that no one would gain interest in my posts. But I love eating, and I’d like to share my dining experiences so I started the blog.

My blog’s quite new, I only started last January, and I have tried Blogger and Wordpress (wordpress.com -free) but I now have a self-hosted wordpress.org site. Thanks to a kind writer that gained interest in my work.

How did you get into blogging?

Definitely because of my friends’ suggestions and because of the food photography. Though taking pictures of food for a blog is a bit different because most often than not, you don’t have control over lighting and some other stuff. And I find it really challenging, attempting to make a really pleasing shot. The aim is to make the reader want to lick the screen because of the picture. But so far, I think I haven’t really achieved

What is your favorite blog post and why?

Scrumptious Lunch at Mesa Filipino Moderne, Greenbelt 5It is my post about Mesa Filipino Moderne at Greenbelt 5. The lighting back then was great and it’s evident on the pictures, and I’m quite happy with the shots I got. Plus Mesa’s actually one of my favorite restaurants.

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  1. I am so proud when a blogger can do his duty in work and can update his blog regularly, hat's off to you Eugene

  2. wow nice! pano kaya ako ma feature dito hehe ganda ng blog nya :D

  3. Im an avid fan of heftie foodie myself, I am happy seeing this blog featured in fil bloggers worldwide :)

  4. Heftie Foodie is such a helpful site as it does make it easier to find a place to eat and what to order in a selected restaurant. Continue chasing those good meals and blogging about them. Cheers!!!

  5. This would be a good reference for searching good restaurants...If only I live in Manila. I also rely on pictures too, so I'm pretty sure this blog will be very helpful. :) keep it up!

  6. Ang kulit nga ng header at yung mga photos are perfect.picture pa lang,maeengganyo ka ng magutom.

  7. Love reading hefty foodies blogs, his posts make me drool all the time.:)

  8. Love Your Blog Sir Eugene...
    Kaya lang minsan, nakakagutom ang mga Pics.. hehehe...

  9. Wow! I really want to have a food blog kaso di ako mahilig sa food :s

  10. One of my favorite food blogs! :D

  11. Another yummy blog. Wow! I'm a fan of food bloggers, too!

  12. It's not only a food blog but
    the photography is excellent as well.
    I like the way SIR EUGENE present his posts.

  13. A comsci on a food blog... how cool is that. you blog what you enjoy most... and food, who doesn't enjoy it... lol. Yahweh bless.

  14. This is a good blog on food. It's nice that you've been featured here.

  15. oohhh heftie food, must check out the blog now :D

  16. Thanks po ulit sa pag feature sa blog ko.

    As for Ms. Gemma's question I'm not a cook po, nung nagpagawa ako ng comic version of myself sa officemate ko, hinayaan ko sya mag conceptualize, binigay ko lang sa kanya yung URL ng blog ko. He's a good artist, and he does comics too. :D

  17. @Tripper10 - That's the aim! :D Gaya nga ng sinabi ko, yung gusto ko is for a reader to want to lick the screen because of the picture, kaso wala pa ako sa ganoong level :)

    @Marri and Ms. Tess - Thanks po. Like I said, I'm not a pro at madami pa akong dapat matutunan sa photography, pero I'm glad you guys liked it :D

  18. i am a fan of sir eugene's blog because of his very detailed food posts. he photographs well too and his food photos are very inviting :)

  19. I really like the Hefty Foodie blog.. :) I've yet to meet the man behind it though.. ^^ To Eugene, congrats on your food blog and cheers to more food trips!

  20. @Sumi Thanks! hopefully our scheduled food trip will push through! See you soon :D

  21. nice euge!! hehehe pero hinay lng sa pagkain :),, haha panuorin mo to -> http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa2jptUyKk8 hehe noagtripan lang

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